46 reasons you need to do/write/create {insert your dream here} NOW!!!!!!!!!

This post was inspired by a text i received yesterday from a friend of mine. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Friend: Oh, did i mention a book?

Me: OMG!! YOU’RE WRITING A BOOK?!?!? What kind of book?

Friend: A coffee table book.

Me: Can i be in it? {hey, you gotta get in where you fit in 😉 }

Friend: If i push and make it happen, hell yea. . . i seriously want to move forward with it. i have put it off a couple of years due to a lot of things and i finally feel i’m at a place where i can start.

Of course, i immediately zoned in on the not creating part. And of course THAT got me thinking about all the reasons, excuses, and ways we talk ourselves out of creating and/or doing something NOW.
Which led me here to the page.
So, to my dear friend and all you other beautiful creative peeps out there who are teetering on the brink of to-create-or-not-to-create, consider this your gentle p u s h.
46 of them actually.
To remind you of all the reasons why you should and need to do it NOW (and to balance out all your excuses not to).
{P.S.  Dear friend, i’m holding you to the whole book thing 😉 }



:: Because there’s NEVER a good enough excuse NOT to. Period.
:: You only get one shot in this life in this body – make EVERY millisecond count.
:: If you didn’t do {X}, then you would be robbing the world of your sheer brilliance and your unique gifts. You’ve got a lot of people waiting on your magic – don’t let us down.
:: Because you want to
:: And because you can.
:: Because expressing yourself is the ultimate freedom.
::  To say a big fat FUCK YOU to all those people who doubted that you would or could.
::  But to prove to no other person but yourself that you can do anything you set your mind (and heart) to.
::  Because somebody out there needs to hear what you have to say.
::  And you owe it to yourself to be as flawless as you can be.
::  To feed your soul.
::  Because tomorrow doesn’t come for some people.
::  For the celebration(s) (and presents!) when you’re done (Moscow Mules for EVERYONE!!)
::  Because maybe then you’ll begin to realize how incredibly magically you really already are.
:: Because it’s time to start taking yourself + dreams + desires seriously.
::  And to inspire others to do the same.
::  Because you don’t want to REGRET not doing it.
::  Because giving yourself permission to do and fail or succeed, is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.
::  The act of doing is contagious. Once you figure out how to start, there’s no telling the places you will go.
:: Creation is life. By creating, you are living to your fullest potential.
::  “Because you’re good enough. You’re smart enough. And dog gone-it people like you.”
:: You can do it anywhere, at any time and without having to ask for permission (how many other things can you say that about?!!?!)
::  Because it will make you happy.
::  Sharing is caring.
:: It’s time
::  Because i said so (Only child syndrome. Can’t help it.)
::  And because, if no one else, i believe in you. 
::  Because we are ALL connected and your success means + breeds our success too.
::  And dreams don’t manifest by themselves.
:: And for bragging rights to EVERYONE: family, friends, colleagues, lover(s), potentials.
:: You will wake up each morning glowing and radiating good juju + positive energy because you’ve invested in the most important thing in this world – yourself.
::  Because its better for you than watching hours of Reality TV.
::  Because you were meant/destined to do this.
::  And the the world will implode if you don’t.
Okay so i might be exaggerating just a tinsy winsy bit BUT you will back yourself up creatively and that blockage WILL have a negative effect on other areas of your life.
:: Creatives are super hot and sexy. And who doesn’t want to be irresistible?
:: You are worth those moments of silence (and i promise the club will be there when you’re done!)
:: It’s invigorating and energizing.
::  Because you just DO!
::  Everything that surrounds us was at one point a vision, thought or dream in someone else’s head. Imagine your favorite things – now imagine what your life would be if that person hadn’t followed through on their dreams. (OMG!!! A WORLD WITHOUT GLITTER + RHINESTONES !!!!*GASP* HOW DULL WOULD MY LIFE BE!???!?!)
::  To make a dent in the universe.
::  And to leave your imprint and mark in the world.
::  Because you never know what you’re capable of until you’re willing to risk it all.
:: And the world needs your stories.
:: And most importantly you want others to hear, see, read, and experience them.
:: And in the end, it’s all about finding those points of connection to ourselves and others.
:: Whatever you create is a bridge of yourself to others and a love song to the universe.
Here’s to making shit happen.
Love, light + lashes,
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