Advice on Sundays (and Mondays) for freelance writers and aspiring memoirists.

Today is Sunday.
Today i had planned in my bullet journal that i was going to ‘me’ write (work on whatever personal book/project i’m currently pursuing) for 3 hours (i like to ‘me’ write first thing in the morning) and then spend the rest of the day (about 6 hours) on my freelance writing gigs — i.e. the writing that pays the bills. Because bills never stop being due, even when one is trying to make art that changes the world (or at the very least, one person’s world).
So i did my morning ‘me’ writing gig for three hours. Then four. Then six. And all of a sudden it’s 5:30pm and i’ve spent the whole day ‘me’ writing and ‘me’ reading. ‘Me’ writing, ‘me’ reading. That’s all. Have i written a single word for any of the freelance work i have due next week? NOPE. And now it’s cloudy. And i’m with Abigail Thomas on this, that once it gets dark “I’m off the hook. The day is officially rolled up and put away. I’m free to watch movies [have a cocktail], no longer holding myself accountable for what I might or might not have gotten done because the time for getting something done is over until tomorrow.”
Tomorrow . . .
Tomorrow is Monday. i breathe an internal sigh of relief. And then i hear the voice of someone else inside myself say,
Sundays (and the energy that comes with them) are probably not the best day to try to get ‘official’ work-hard-for-the-money writing done. Sunday’s are more for the reflective ‘me’ kind of writing that you organically felt compelled to do. It is a new moon after all . . .
i immediately felt better and like i was off the hook. (Whoever that voice belongs to inside me is most definitely smarter than i’ll ever be.)
Because Mondays, and the energy that comes with them, has all that work shit covered. When we wake up and ‘get to work’ on Mondays we are automatically going with a certain flow — the beginning of the work week, the day of dread, the energy of back to the bump and grind –that Monday’s bring, regardless if we are just getting up and walking 2 feet from our bed to our office. And if we play our cards right, we can use that ho-hum energy to our advantage. And i like the sound of that.
So instead of forcing this Monday energy on an easy like Sunday morning vibe, i’ll let myself keep ‘me’ writing until i’m empty. With the promise on the horizon that tomorrow, Monday, i will wake up, make my coffee, bring it to my office, and write hard for the money.

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