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Anger, hate, and racism. Why what happened in Charlottesville was hard.

  Yesterday was hard.   Hard for a lot of reasons.   Hard because i felt like i was living in the 50’s and 60’s in years and decades where segregation existed.   Hard because everything i saw in the news, on my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed was full of hate and bigotry. The smallness of minds that will never… Read more →

Anti-Trump roundup: reads, art, affirmations, & guides to help you survive inauguration day + 4 yrs of a Trump presidency.

  We the people are resilient. We will survive. We will overcome. And we will thrive by showering the world and each other with support, anger, resistance, connection, and most importantly love.   As we move into a new set of energies for the next four years tomorrow, i wanted to create a roundup of the best anti-Trump things around the internet.… Read more →

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