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All new 30-day Instagram drag challenge!

In 2014, i created the first 30-day Instagram drag challenge and it was sooooo much fun! So why not bring the communal drag fun back?   In case it wasn’t obvious enough, All Hallows Eve is my favorite time of the year and drag is my favorite creative expression . . .  So, i thought LET’S COMBINE THE TWO! And ta-da! Our latest… Read more →

USofA nationals: Miss Diva USofA, Mister USofA MI, and Mister USofA MI Classic reflections, gratitude, thanks + love

  Last week i had the honor of judging 3 national USofA pageants: Miss Diva USofA, Mister USofA MI, and Mister USofA MI Classic.   Needless to say it was hard. Like really really hard.   The first thought that always crosses my mind whenever i’m asked to judge a pageant is, This is people’s art, these are people’s ideas,… Read more →

Top 7 must have make-up tools for faux queens, drag queens + anyone looking to up their make-up game.

What are your favorite make-up items? It’s one of the top questions i get asked right up there with do you have any advice for someone starting out in drag?  (i do and you can find it here and here).    But this question is sooo hard for me to answer – which is why i’ve waited like 7 years to do it… Read more →

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