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On turning 40: 40 Lessons i’ve learned from 40 years of living a radically creative (and rebel) life

Every year for the past four years, i’ve put together a birthday post filled with gratitude for the previous year and my wishes for the year ahead. (If you’re interested in reading them, you can find 2013’s here, 2014’s here, 2015’s here, and last year’s here.)   This year, i’m doing things a little different. Because this year is a… Read more →

Defy A Podcast by Brandi Amara Skyy

How to work for yourself: Six secrets i learned in my first year of being my own boss (& a podcast!)

This day last year, i took a leap of faith. A big one.   And since, i’m sitting here at my desk in my home office it’s safe to say that my leap didn’t kill me. Was it hard? Absolutely? Did i feel at times like i wanted to die? Yep. Was it a struggle? More than it wasn’t. But was it the… Read more →

39 epic lessons on courage, trust, love & life i’ve learned in the 39 years of being alive

OMG!!! TODAY IS MY 39th BIRTHDAY!! WOO-FUCKING-HOO!!   In 39 years i’ve:   Started 10+ jobs, gotten 2 degrees, toured with multiple dance + festival companies, taken to the streets, protested, and lobbied for my rights as a queer woman of color, been called the N word, lived in 4 different places, traveled to almost every single Caribbean island there… Read more →

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