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Defy A Podcast by Brandi Amara Skyy

How to work for yourself: Six secrets i learned in my first year of being my own boss (& a podcast!)

This day last year, i took a leap of faith. A big one.   And since, i’m sitting here at my desk in my home office it’s safe to say that my leap didn’t kill me. Was it hard? Absolutely? Did i feel at times like i wanted to die? Yep. Was it a struggle? More than it wasn’t. But was it the… Read more →

39 epic lessons on courage, trust, love & life i’ve learned in the 39 years of being alive

OMG!!! TODAY IS MY 39th BIRTHDAY!! WOO-FUCKING-HOO!!   In 39 years i’ve:   Started 10+ jobs, gotten 2 degrees, toured with multiple dance + festival companies, taken to the streets, protested, and lobbied for my rights as a queer woman of color, been called the N word, lived in 4 different places, traveled to almost every single Caribbean island there… Read more →

A metaphysician, a drag king, and biz mentor walk into a bar . . .

i woke up this morning in a different set of energy.   Usually, i wake up and i IMMEDIATELY get to work – either writing, putting the finishing touches on a queen experience for a client, or adding inventory to my online shop.   This morning?   This morning, i began with play.   There’s this thing going around Facebook… Read more →

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