GAG Magazine

GAG is my ultimate. The supreme. It is thus far THE THING i am MOST proud of dreaming up, creating and (most importantly) putting out there into the world.

GAG has been in my head since i saw my first drag queen at 16.

GAG came about because i LOVE L O V E LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE L-O-V-E love lOvE LUV – to the point of pure obsession- drag. What i didn’t love is how one dimensional (not to mention one-sided: side being drag queen) drag has been and is portrayed in mainstream media. While some of those portrayals are accurate, they are not definitive of what drag is.

But drag is MUCH more complex than the simplicity in which it is televised. It is drag complexity and diversity that makes such a beautiful art form and it was those qualities that i wanted to highlight in GAG.

But when i researched all the drag magazines that have and are currently being published, none of them fit the vision in my head: glossy, art focused, and on par with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, V and Vogue (when Diana Vreeland was Editor in Chief).

And, most importantly, one that embraced ALL forms of drag; queens, kings, fauxs, genderfuckers, etc.

There wasn’t one . . .

so i created one.

GAG MAGAZINE was birthed August 2013 with the inaugural issue focusing on answering the question, “What is a drag?” – which is ultimately an unanswerable, but one that never ceases to be asks and causes majorly heated discussions (you can check it out  Issue #1 here).

i’m am so very proud of who she is and where she is going. i hope that she will be in my (and your) life for a very long time.

You can view + purchase issues 2-4 here or read them online here.