Faux Queens – Fauxing the Real: Biological Women, the Art of Drag, and Why the Real is Drag.

This is an academic work (it’s actually my 2012 MA thesis!) and is devoted to understanding and contextualizing female drag. The first of its kind, this work really gives the reader an in-depth overview. 


  • Drag
  • The Faux Queen and the Absolutely Fabulous and Flawlessly Uncustomary World of Drag.
    • Faux Queens and Flamboyant Femininity
    • Profile Section: CarmelitaTropicana, Ana Matronic, Fauxnique
    • Responses to the Faux’s Presence in the World of Drag
  • The Faux Queen, Gender Identity, and Transgender Dialogues
  • Conclusion: The Queen and i

Click here for the official abstract. 


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GAG Magazine - Special Issue

GAG:GAG Magazine – Special Issue

Special Issue. Featuring The Making of Drag King Documentary, Austin International Drag Festival, and The Art of GAG – A Retrospective featuring RuPaul, dr.a.g. book’s Christopher Logan, Peaches Christ, Austin Young, Chris March, and Miss Fame. Plus all new departments – Voice, Spotlight, and the…

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GAG Magazine - The Art Issue Issue #4

GAG: GAG Magazine – The Art Issue Issue #4

The first high glam, high fashion, haute drag magazine. This issue features photographer and artist extraordinaire Austin Young and multi-talented drag queen, recording artist + actress Peaches Christ.

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GAG Magazine - RuPaul & 1st Annual GAG19 List Issue #3

GAG: GAG Magazine – RuPaul & 1st Annual GAG19 List Issue #3

The Gay Art of Glamour. GAG the first high glam, high fashion, haute drag magazine. Issue 3 features the Glamazon herself RuPaul with a sneak peak into Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and GAG’s first annual list of dragstars destined for superstardom, GAG 19.Get ready to GAG on the…

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GAG Magazine - The Fashion Issue #2

GAG: GAG Magazine – The Fashion Issue #2

The Fashion Issue. Featuring Miss Fame and an exclusive interview with Chris March of Project Runway and Mad Fashion. Also featuring a rare interview with the one woman show that is Gasoline Glamour, couture accessories to the stars. Drag, fashion, and glam.

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Magic Currently Brewing:

How to Be a Drag Artist
A guide & werkbook on the craft of drag for female dragsters, faux queens, lady queens, drag queens, and other drag lovers. 

This book answers the question i get asked at least once day, “do you have any advice for someone just starting out in drag?” At a whopping 60+ pages it’s a super deluxe collection of advice, stories, and dragwerk covering the full spectrum of the art and craft of drag.

But really the suggestions and advice i offer can be equally of value to any other performance art. Because really this book is about falling in love with what you do and doing it to the best of your ability, always – whether there is one person, one million, or no one watching.

And that’s something EVERY creative, performer, and person can benefit from.

Release date: July 16, 2016

(Psst! Don’t want to wait that long? Here’s the “How to be a faux queen” post that inspired this book!)



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