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i read an incredibly thought provoking article today about a supermodel violating a photographer’s copyright.

Rachel Scroggins’ article, “What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright,” shows the domino effect of what one not properly credited image can have on the artist whose work goes viral. As i read, i couldn’t help but shake my head at the INSANE hoops and tape she had to go through to get her name properly credited on a photo that she took. 

And the photo showed up EVERYWHERE – that’s a lot of emailing and artistic time used up that could have been avoided.

i know how important an artist’s time is because i am one. i also know what not getting credit for your brilliance feels like too. Which is why if i’m using an image of myself or others on any social media platform including my blog, i make sure that i properly acknowledge and credit them.

Brandi Amara Skyy Faux Queen Drag Queen Instagram Miss Diva USofA

Photo credit on Instagram by tagging the photographer.


Brandi Amara Skyy Faux Queen Drag Queen Facebook Carrie Strong Miss Diva USofA

Photo credit on Facebook by tagging them.

And while i agree with Rachel’s article 150% – she should be credited and she shouldn’t have to jump through fiery hoops to get it – it got me thinking about copyright rights for models and entertainers.

As a rising national artist,  i too know  the impact of what Scroggins’  kind of exposure could mean for my career.  As a performer, i have been shot by numerous photographers. Now i’m not quite at Karlie Kloss’ superstar status, but i’m working my ass off to get there. And i know a lot of other performers and artists are working just as a hard as i am to make a name for themselves.

As emerging + rising artists who are working on gaining recognition, Scroggins’ concerns become our own. If the tables were turned and it is the photographers who have a large fan base, by not properly crediting the model, MUA, and hairstylist we lose that opportunity to expand our own brand and fan base. And we lose out on all that viral (not to mention free) advertisement.

What Rachel’s article brilliantly demonstrates is the need for creatives to work together. As a community of artist who are trying to make a living off our art, it should be a part of our artist code to look out for one another. It’s hard to make it in this biz and even harder when we don’t receive support from within our own community.

But, lucky for us, it is well within our power to ensure each other’s success as well as our own. We just have to take the time to do it and we should because every artist’s artistic integrity is just as important as our own.

Thank you Rachel for putting yourself out there and bringing to light something that is very dear to me as well as many other creatives.

YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! *cyber hive five*

Read the entire story here.

Here’s to supporting EACH OTHER in our creative ventures! (And crediting each other properly!!)

Love, light + success,

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