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Alliance Francaise, Art from a new perspective ad.

Alliance Francaise, Art from a new perspective ad.

i’d rather be creative than famous.

i read those words and immediately felt . . . something.
i spent the entire week mulling over my answer.
i mean it’s a great question really for all of us who create and make things. Would you be willing to trade your gifts and a lifetime of creation if it meant accolades of fame? Would you be willing to give up creating for the rest of your life for a life in the spotlight?
But then what’s the point of being famous if no one knows or understands why you are? What’s the point of being famous just for the sake of being famous?
i spent my entire teenage years and early/mid-twenties chasing the fame monster. i wanted to be famous more than anything. i went to Barbizon Modeling school, lots of model cattle calls, digested any and all books on “How To Be a Famous . . . . ,” i acted, i danced, i did anything and everything i could in a vain attempt to lure fame to me. To be a household name. To be famous.
And i was, in spurts.
i was in a Gadzooks ad that ran in all the teen magazines in late 90’s.
i opened up for Jon Secada and toured the U.S. with the Bob Marley Festival.
i was in a German magazine.
And i even tried out for The Real World (back when the real world was cool) and made it all the way to the 3rd round.
Back then would i have traded my creativity for fame and the promises of my name in lights?
Fuck yea.
Now? i would die if i couldn’t create. If all of a sudden this gift that i’ve been blessed with and using for the past 30+ years were gone.
POOF! No Brandi Amara Skyy.
POOF! No Diva.
POOF! No me.
But as a hard as it is to admit, that “i want to be famous” girl still lives inside me. And while i’ve stopped chasing fame a long time ago, i still have a desire to be recognized for my art, for my creativity. To be seen as an artist, as a creative and remembered for my work.
But don’t we all?
As humans, isn’t it an innate need to feel like we’re being heard? To feel like we are being seen – to feel and be recognized as who we truly are and the gifts we bring to the world?
The reality is  . . .
i’d rather be poor and still violently creative.
i’d rather be a nobody – but a nobody creating art.
i’d rather be creative than famous.
What would you rather be – creative or famous – and why? i’m dying to hear all your answers! Email me or answer in the comments below.
Love, light, and life full of feeling + being heard and seen,

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P.S. What’s a Golden Globe or a golden man-statue compared to being gifted a golden Chanel flower for “creatively inspiring our community?” Not equatable, that’s what. This exchange happened last night and i couldn’t be more grateful for Piñon’s words. It was a beautiful reminder from the universe that you don’t have to have legends of fans to make an impact. All you have to so is just inspire one person. And the ripple begins.