Happy World Poetry Day!

In celebration and communion, i’ve decided to do something i’ve NEVER done before . . . share one of my poems (EEP!).
Poetry has always been very personal to me . . . something i’ve only shared with a handful of people — READ: all lovers.
But if there was ever a day to be a poet’s kind of brave, it’s today. So in the spirit of the art (and a bit of global carpe diem courage!), here is one of my favorite poems, You Shall Be My Roots, written by one of my favorite author’s Mark Z. Danielewski from his epic book, House of Leaves.
And one from me.
May they both serve in helping you find the courage to share what lingers silently in the corners of your poet soul today, tomorrow, and always.



You Shall Be My Roots
You shall be my roots and
I will be your shade,
through the sun burns my leaves.
You shall quench my thirst and
I will feed you fruit,
though time takes my seed.

And when I’m lost and can tell nothing of this earth
you will give me hope.


And my voice you will always hear.
And my hand you will always have.

For I will shelter you.
And I will comfort you.
And even when we are nothing left,
not even in death,
I will remember you.





We the people native to our land, to our experiences

Woman. Man. Native. Other.

Being. BEINGS.

We have sprung from the earth, of the earth, of each other.

What a wild fruit we have bared.

White. Brown. Black. Yellow. Red.

One race under god. Under the universe.

Under our ‘other:’

Queer. Dis/abled. Old. Short. Fat. Tall.

Same center. Different circles.

Intersected by our ‘isms,’ bound by dust –

the dust we were and the dust we become.

We are the remnants of each other.

i of you.

You of me.

An atlas of humanity.

Ingenious to our land, to our universe, to one another. 

Human. Being. Energy.

A living constitution for one world, one universe, united in a common mother tongue:




Mad love and a poet’s bravery,

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