Get ready to get your drag on and have some fun (+ learn a few things along the way!) 

i’m so excited to announce my first EVER DRAG POP-UP Party to celebrate not only the release of my new book, How To Be A Drag Queen: A guidebook for female drag queens & emerging drag artistsbut also PRIDE month! 


Now i’m sure you’re wondering …

What exactly is a Facebook Drag party Pop-Up?

It’s a PRIVATE Facebook group that pops up and lasts for a LIMITED TIME only.

In this case, our Drag Pop-Up Party will open it’s doors May 27th for a little pre-party with the main party starting Monday June 3rd and running through Sunday June 30th.

And for the entire month of June we will work on getting you in drag either for the first time or taking you, your drag, and/or your performance to the next level! 

To help you further your drag goals, i’ve designed 4 classes based on the biggest struggles most drag artist face and every Monday at 12pm CST i will be going LIVE to share my tips and tricks to overcoming ALL of them. 

Wondering what’s on the agenda?

Here’s what we will be covering every Monday in June:

June 3 – Confidence. Building confidence to get started, to put yourself out there, and slay.  

June 10 – How to stand out in the drag crowd. Building your drag persona & developing your signature style.

June 17 – What makes a great performance? And how to connect with your audience.

June 24 – Acceptance & validity in the drag community. Breaking into your local drag scene and how to respond to those assholes who think what you do is not drag. 

But these classes are just one of the many rad things that will be going down in the group!

During our month long drag kiki, i will also be in the group answering all the questions you have as you apply the lessons in the book to the creation of your drag self. And each week, right after our Monday Live classes, i will be sticking around and answering ALL your biggest questions about drag live! 

Whether you have a question about the herstory of drag, how much to charge for your 1st booking, what pageant judges are really looking for, or what eyeliner i use, i will answer IT ALL as honestly and completely as i can! 

Plus you can also submit pictures of your mug, costumes, or a snip of your performance idea or video and i will give you personalized feedback on it all! 

Let me put to it you this way, in this Pop-Up Drag Party you are getting what my 1:1 drag consultations get in an hour FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH and FOR FREE!

Because my goal for this book and for the group is to help you GROW into the queen/king/artist that you already are!

Here’s how to join in on the fun!

1. Grab a copy of my book How To Be A Drag Queen HERE.

2. If you choose to purchase the book directly from me, you’ll automatically receive a link via email to join our private Facebook group on May 27th.

HOWEVER … If you purchase from Amazon, email your receipt to and i’ll make sure you are on the roster! (Amazon does not allow me to see contact information of people who purchase the book from them; hence this extra step).


Your book will be on its way in 2 to 3 business days but you’ll have book bonuses GALORE to tide you over while you wait for your book and our Pop-Up Party to open it’s doors! 


But hurry!

Doors close to this one-time-only Drag Pop-Up Party on midnight May 31st!


Doors to the drag pop-up party ends in








Got questions? i’ve got answers! 

Shoot me an email at

See ya at the party!!

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