This week starting tomorrow, marks the beginning of a 5-week journey to write my first tiny book (inspired by the Tiny Book workshop i took a few weeks ago) before the end of the year.

The topic of my tiny book? Encouragement for Othered (queer, POC, dis/abled) artist.

It’s a topic that is close to my heart and an idea that has been haunting all my other writings.

i have a deep desire to help writers, performers, and artists of all kinds who don’t find themselves represented in the traditional narratives of their mediums. In fact, it’s been my life’s work and my own personal calling to prove all those motherfuckers who said i couldn’t do something wrong.

But trying to encompass and reflect all of our diversity and complexity onto the page is … scary. The lingering thought in the back of my mind being, What if i get it wrong? What if it’s not inclusive as i want it to be. After all, i am but one person living in an intersection of ‘isms’ that are all my own trying to navigate via the written word a world where human diversity is as wild and abundant as the number of constellations, stars, galaxies, and universes in the sky.

i realize that this is fear making me a ventriloquist to it but i also understand that writing with inclusively as an intention requires a constant self-awareness and (re)evaluation of intentions, word choices, and chosen metaphors.

i’m well aware that this book i’m venturing to write will not be everything to everyone but that doesn’t stop me from trying to make it everything to me and as representational and inclusive as i humanly possibly can.

This afternoon, i thought it would be fun to kind of document, record the journey of this book on my blog — without any kind of attachments. <– This is the clencher.

Meaning, i’m not going to create the strick Capricornian rules that i often make for myself, “SHARE EVERYDAY FOR 1200 WORDS” *cracks whip* “IT MUST BE PERFECT OR ELSE YOU’LL DIE!” *cackles in mischievous laughter* In my head, there is literally the figure from Pink Floyd’s The Wall (this one) tapping his foot and screaming these words at me.

i don’t want any of that energy or mindset attached to this project. So inside i’m going to approach ALL OF THIS from a place of curiosity.

Meaning no strings attached. What would documenting a book journey look like this look like? All the while, in the intention of hopefully pulling back the curtain and exposing the very real mundane dailiness of what it takes to actually write a book. (And the magic too!)

i just want to mark this journey and hopefully help you along the way.

Documentation is also another way i’m holding myself accountable to actually WRITING and FINISHING the damn book because, in the end, that’s really the most important thing of all.


So here’s what i’m thinking this journey of sharing might look like:


i organically share words, pictures, art, inspiration WHATEVER in a post like this as often as i and/or the work demands. If i share anything on social media, i’ll also share a link here, as i want here (this blog) to be a container for the entire journey.

And for those who are curious (and for my own clarity purposes) here is how i’ve designed the next 5 weeks, writing-wise:

The book is divided into four chapters. And i’ve assigned each chapter to be written during a certain week with the final week being a reader, review, and edit week.

You can see my entire (messy) schedule here.


To help ensure my success i have:


— Created a playlist to help inspire my writing and keep me focused on the book

— Enrolled in a 5-week book coaching and accountability mentorship. i check in with my goals every Monday and report on my progress every Friday.

— Asked a dear and motivating friend to also be my accountability buddy to whom i send my chapters to every Sunday. If no chapter is sent, then i gave them full permission to hound me and make me feel bad about myself. J/K. (Not really, lol).

— i will also send the weekly chapters to my book mentors as well. In all instances, there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION TO READ THEM this is just my way of setting a hard, firm deadline (the kind that i work best in 🙂 Because success is really all about you own ability to trick yourself into doing the things you know you should be doing to move your ass (and career) forward.

— Spoken my intention and goal into the universe, publically. Right here. To hold me accountable. To help me stay in it. To help me keep it real.

— i’ve also told everyone close to me, my clients, my parents, my friends, my yoda, and wife what i’m doing as well so that the world’s that are closest to me know what my focus and goal is over the next 5-weeks. That way if i go rogue they know it’s not because i don’t love them, but right now, momma’s got some serious thinking and writing to do.

i’m excited about this journey and really looking forward to seeing what i have created on Nov. 18th!! This is the first time i’m doing anything like this and i’m super curious to watch how this all unravels.

i’m so open and ready for this journey!

Also! Feel free to email and check in on my progress too! The more the merrier.

Here’s to an amazing week of writing and a beautifully authentic long-game!


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