Today, i am grateful that i showed up to the page.

i woke up with a slight hangover —  not the ideal way to start off a 5-week art/writing intensive journey, but it ended up teaching me a valuable lesson about myself that i’m going to need if i want to stay engaged and motivated for the entirety of this experiment.  

What i really wanted to do: Spend the day reading —  eh hem, “researching” my book —  NOT writing it. 

What i chose to do: Tell myself Oh, the fuck well. You made the choice to go to the pageant last night and have some Cosmos. You showed up for that. So now you’re going to show the fuck up to your book, your day, your yoga mat, your life. Fully. Without complaint. 

And guess what? i showed up and showed the fuck out (unlike my Cowboys yesterday 👀 💔)

And i’m soooooooooo glad i did. Because i ended up having an amazing writing session despite the heaviness in my forehead. 

My writing goal for today was to write for 30 minutes. That’s all. 30 minutes. 

i ended up writing for 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! 

In that 2 hours i got super clear on my Feel, Know, Do (an exercise that Alexandra Franzen teaches in her Tiny Book Workshop you can download her free guide here) about this version of the book i’m writing.

As you can see from the multiple answers to the Qs in the picture, i went through about 3 different vibes and interactions of this book before the real theme and energy of the book revealed itself to me. (My answers in the green ink are my feel, know, do for this book). i also wrote it down on a post-it note and taped to my computer.


I WROTE THE INTRO!! It’s only a draft, but it captures the EXACT spirit and energy i want this book to encompass. Want to read it?!?! Here it is:

Art is a revolutionary act. 

Art is an act of rebellion.

Art is a social-political commentary. 

Not all the time, but it can be. 

This is a book about it “canning be” and how we can bring that “can be” into our lives and birth the art that is inside us. 

The art that needs to born from us. 

The art that has the potential and power to not only change our lives, but the lives of our community, and the course, the face, of the world.  

This isn’t me being melodramatic; this is me bringing you receipts from ordinary people who did extraordinary things with lives labeled marginalized, oppressed and changed the world (and their circumstances) through their art. 

And this is a book about helping you do that too. Right from the place and space, you are in now.

i’m not sure if it’s done or not. But it’s a damn good start! 

Oh, and i also decided to end EVERY writing session with the last two songs on my playlistSay Something by J.T. & Chris Stapleton and If You’re Out There by John Legend … “Tomorrow’s starting now”?!?!? “The future started yesterday and we’re already late”?!?!?!??!!

Um, EPIC MESSAGE & ENERGY Mr. Legend. Thank you for that!

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