On my list of goals and experiences i would like to have in 2020, the 14th one down reads, “Complete: 365 new experiences in 2020 + track in a calendar.”

Today is day one.

And so i decided that today’s new experience would be to pick up This Book Will Change Your Life and do Day One.

Today was a light warm-up “that will only change my life a little bit.” Out of the 18 possibilities, i chose 5. i completed 3 of them:

1. Give your genitalia pet names
2. Whisper a white lie when no one’s listening.
3. Go on a one-minute hunger strike.

i decided on my birthday that i would track this year’s new experiences experiment in a planner i fell in love with (and carried with me everywhere) when i lived in Austin, Slingshot.

It was a bday present from my wife while we were in Austin visiting one of my favorite food places in the world, Wheatsville Co-op!

i also made the no-pressure decision to blog about these new experiences. If i felt like it. Today, i felt like it.

This 365 days of new experiences experiment came about because of one of the 42 discoveries/things that changed me that i am writing about in my annual bday post *coming soon!*

In that essay, i talk about how, while i love me a good, long vkay, what i really crave — what really feeds my soul — are experiences. New, different experiences.

i discovered that trying (vegan) sushi for the first time at age 42 makes me feel just as alive, awake, and engaged with life as taking that first step onto the cruise ship. And the sushi cost me waaaaaaay less!

So i decided that this year i wasn’t going to wait for my next vacation to feel and experience this sense of aliveness i seek. i was going to experience it every day — as often as i can. In a variety of ways.

Miso soup instead of coffee in the AM? Hell ya! A full day of silence in 2020? Let’s do it!

Which brings me back to Day 1 of my little experiment.

While the experience and change felt like nothing, i know that all these small shifts will add up. And by the end of 2020, i’m going to feel like a mother fucking superstar live-er!!

Happy New Year internet fam!

i hope this year brings you all the newness, success, and experiences you seek!


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