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Collage by Brandi Amara Skyy

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Let it be messy

Here’s my biggest obstacle: i hold onto things until i feel they are perfect.

The problem with that is, is that nothing and no one is perfect.

There are so many things i’m proud to have thought up, written and done (like all.these.fucking.writings books, and ideas that are brewing and i’m ready to jump on) but i’m hoarding them until i can get them pristine enough so they meet my own unrealistic standards.


Because i’m a creative masochist.

And i want my art to be perfect because somehow in this mad head of mine perfection means it’s more valuable.


What makes it valuable is the thought, the passion, the love, the intention behind it.

Like this episode.

i got inspired, grabbed my laptop, and hit record.

But it’s just not true…none of it. 

Recently, i have found myself jealous of people who just fucking put there shit out there. You know the kind i’m talking about: videos that literally look like the person just took out their camera, shot the video, and uploaded it without thinking twice . . .

Why can’t i do that?

Because won’t let myself.

Me. It’s always been me. i am the only person, thing, reason that’s keeping me from putting my work out there.

And today i woke up determined to make i—make mestop.

So i’m releasing myself from my own perfectionism and allowing myself to be messy. To be unedited. To be *gasp* RAW. 

My new mantra?

Let it be messy.

My art. My writing. My creativity. What i share with the world. My ideas. My videos.

i’m giving myself permission to shift my focus from perfectionism to getting my shit out into the world.

Because people need it.

i need it.

And as an artist, i would rather my art live in flaws than die in perfectionism.

What about you?

What is holding you back from putting your shit out there and what can you do to make it stop?

Share with me in the comments below.

In 🖤💡✊🏾



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