Hola beautiful souls!

Here is your Skyy Scope for the week of October 5th – October 11th!! And here’s a list of what you have to cosmically look forward to this week:

💫  Mercury in opposition Uranus (Wed 10/7)

💫 Last quarter of the Virgo New Moon (Fri 10/9 at 7:39pm CST) (Moon is also SUPER active today!)

💫 Mars squares Pluto (Frid 10/9 8:19am CST)

💫 Sun squares Jupiter (Sun 10/11 8:35am)

💫 This week’s card: The Fool but also working with…

💫 Pluto’s cards = Judgement & Death (Scorpio) AND Mars’ cards = Tower & The Emperior (Aries)

Watch your Skyy Scope below

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Guess WHAT?!?! 👀

i’m holding my first ever virtual new moon circle!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 


We will be talking New Moon in Libra, tarot, and how we can integrate, embody, and live this astrology and our intentions. 

It’s a WHOLE new way of new moon-ing baby! 

Find out by clicking the button below!


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