About moi

Hello there, friend! i’m Brandi!

i’m a writer, artivist (art + activist), & nepantlera.

My special gift is my ability to see the wholeness in people who have long believed they were fragmented or broken. 

And as nepantlera (someone who bridges), i use my writing, art, and life to help people heal themselves whole by bridging all their many identities through creativity, art, and everyday magic.

 As an artist all my life, i know first hand the healing powers of creativity.

i have shimmied my way out of the closet; danced my way through a then-partner being involuntarily recalled in George W. Bush’s 2003 Iraq war; dragged myself free; and written myself whole.

i believe our diversity and experiences are the most powerful assets we have. 

And i believe that making art, that being creative is not a luxury; it is a much-needed political actan act of resistance and instance that our otherness is our power even if the world wants us to believe otherwise.

i’ve made it my mission to not only spread love, light, and wholeness through my own creativity and work but to help you do it too.

To help people who are Othered in some way turn our exploits into expression, our oppressions into strength, and our personal experiences into art that not only changes our own lives but the world as well. 

i am here to help you bridge your soul to yourself, yourself to your creativity, and your creativity to the world.

My most transformative career highlights include:

1. Making my 20+ year dream of being a bonafide National drag queen pageant titleholder come true. (i was crowned the first Miss USofA Diva in 2014!)

2. Graduating with my MA in Women’s Studies/Gender Performance. College was something i NEVER EVER wanted to do, but it opened up new portals in me (including my life-long desire to understand drag from an academic and philosophical lens).

3. Quitting my day job to go full-time artist.

4. Being featured in and writing for some of the most amazing places like BET, Curve Magazine, Dallas Voice, Global Grind, and being named one of the Latino leaders to watch by Latino Leaders Magazine.

5. Coming out of the spiritual closet.

6. Helping hundreds of queer, POC, and/or marginalized humans heal themselves whole, uncover their voice, and share their whole self with the world via performance art, books, speeches, drag, writing, poetry, song. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying or transformative for me than this.

So what do i do when i’m not trying to start a revolution or be my own Big Bang theory?

i LOOOOVE all things woo, Lisa Frank & Miss Piggy; sipping on craft cocktails (Chartreuse anything? YES PLEASE!); rolling around in glitter and rhinestones; annoying my Shih Tzu Simon, being the slay i wish to see, and cruising + holding hands with my wife Every. Single. Dayeven (and especially) when she’s mad at me ;).

(Psst. Looking for my ‘official’ bio? You can read that here.)

The 10 Most Fun & Obscure Facts About Me Ever!

Shssh! Don’t tell anyone 😉 

1. i opened up for Lady Gaga in 2007 right before she hit it big. She was on a gay bar tour and performed at S4 in Dallas, TX. My group, SOMETHING FABULOUS!!! Dallas’ first queer performance troupe, was asked to open for her, we did, and it was epic!

2. i won Best Actress in our 8th-grade version of the Oscars.

3. i’m a Clairempath. Strangers come up to me all the timeat the bar, in waiting rooms, and other random places, and tell me their deepest and sometimes darkest stories. i never judge. i just always listen and intuit whatever (if anything) needs to be said.

4. The only thing i’m truly afraid of is dying before the miracle happens.

5. i toured with the Bob Marley Festival in the late ’90s as a Polynesian/Tahitian dancer. As a 17-year-old, i got traveled the country spreading peace, unity, and one love. BEST TIME EVER!!!

6. i have been in love with the night sky since i was 5. My father would take me in our backyard, set up the telescope, and teach me all about the constellations and planets. It’s why i gaze up at la luna and the night sky every night and why i love astrology so much.

7. i looooooooooove paper, pens, and notebooks. Like, back-to-school time in August is my favorite time of the year, especially the after-the-fact sales. And don’t even get me started on the smell of books…

8. i never wanted to go to college . . . until i did at 24. i made the decision when i found out i could do college my waybe a sponge for knowledge, relish in learning, and not worry about the end result being ‘a higher paying job.’ In 2000, i got a BA in Dance. And in 2012, i recieved my MA in Multicultural Women and Gender Studies.

9. i don’t wear or own a pair of pants or jeans. i haven’t worn jeans since i was 18 and the only ‘pants’ i wear and own are leggings or athletic wear. Pants are waaaay to constricting for me. Don’t like ’em.

10. i started my writing career by self-publishing a book of poems when i was 14. The ‘about the author’ page will tell you everything you will ever need to know about me. It TOTALLY predicted what i would be doing now. Seriously. Read it.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better!  Here’s what to do next! 

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Here’s to making art that colors the world diverse, together! 

Mucho mas love, light, and solidarity your way! 


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