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Howdy! i’m Brandi! And i write, say, and create things that either piss people off or inspires them to rise.
i’m in the business of mentoring and empowering creatives, performers, and writers in marginalized groups to find their voice, truth, and courage to rise — and pissing some closed-minded people off in the process.  i believe our diversity is the most powerful asset we have.  But as a queer, brown, woman trying to ‘make it’ in a cookie-cutter, be-just-like-me world, i know what it’s like to feel and be labeled other, exotic, different, and be rejected for it.  
But after 33 years of performing across stages worldwide,  i have learned one important lesson: our otherness is our power. And i’ve made it my mission to help people like you turn our exploits into expression, our oppressions into strength, and our personal experiences as fuel to power our drive and determination so we can start making a difference in our lives and others today.
In 2014, i turned all my years of otherness, as a queer female who desperately wanted to be a drag queen, into a crowning achievement when i won the first ever Miss Diva USofA — a pageant/competition like RuPaul’s Drag Race, but for female drag queens. It took decades to toughen my skin and build the internal strength to face the ridicule, questions, and sometimes laughter i was met with the first couple of years i hit the stage. i hit with a lot of, YOU can’t do that! But i did do it.
And so can you.
Whether it’s through performance, writing, or for-your-eyes-only creativity and self-expression, i’m here to help you transform your experiences into creative gold.
Because the world needs the radical art that only you can express.
And we, the band of others, need you to help us continue to color the world diverse.
Ready to take action? Hop on my email list here and then email me that one thing you’re being called right this very second to do and together, we’ll get busy on making that impossible dream, possible.
So what do i do when i’m not trying to start a revolution? Getting in trouble for not EVER putting my computer down by my wife, rolling around in glitter and rhinestones, sipping on my elixir of life Chartreuse, videoing my drag heart out for Dallas Voice’s On the Scene and internet radio show DVTV in Spayse, taking as many cruises as my pocket book can afford, annoying my Shih Tzu Simon, being the change, and holding hands with my partner — even (and especially) when she’s mad at me 😉 .
Welcome to my Wonderland. We are all madly diverse here!
(Psst. Looking for my ‘official’ bio? You can read that here.)

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1. i opened up for Lady Gaga in 2007 right before she hit it big. She was on a gay bar tour and performing at S4 in Dallas, TX. My group, SOMETHING FABULOUS!!! Dallas’ first queer performance troupe, we’re asked to perform right before she came on with her 2 backup dancers.
2. i won Best Actress in our 8th-grade version of the Oscars.
3. i’m a Clairempath. Strangers come up to me all the time — at the bar, in waiting rooms, and other random places, and tell me their deepest and sometimes darkest stories. i never judge. i just always listen and intuit whatever needs to be said.
4. The only thing i’m truly afraid of is dying before the miracle happens.
5. i toured with the Bob Marley Festival in the late 90’s as a Polynesian/Tahitian dancer. As a 17 year-old, i traveled the country spreading peace, unity, and one love.
6. i have been in love with the night sky since i was 5. My father would take me in our backyard, set up the telescope, and teach me all about the constellations and planets. It’s why i gaze up at la luna and the night sky every night and why i love astrology so much.
7. i looooooooooove paper, pens, and notebooks. Like, back-to-school time in August is my favorite time of the year — especially the after-the-fact sales.
8. i never wanted to go to college . . . until i did at 24. i made the decision when i found out i could do college my way — be a sponge for knowledge, relish in learning, and not worry about the end result being ‘a higher paying job.’ In 2000, i got a BA in Dance. And In 2012, i recieved my MA in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies. (i’m also in the department header picture!)
9. i don’t wear or own a pair of pants or jeans. i haven’t worn jeans since i was 18 and the only ‘pants’ i wear and own are leggings or athletic wear. Pants are waaaay to constricting for me.
10. i started my writing career by self-publishing a book of poems when i was 14. Check out my ‘about the author’ page. It will tell you everything you will ever need to know about me.


1. Winning first place in the Junior Olympics in Freestyle artistic roller skating.
2. Publishing my first book last year.
3. Starting the world’s first haute drag magazine, GAG.
4. Being named one of the Latino leaders to watch by Latino Leaders Magazine.
5. Publishing my first op-ed piece ever for the Global Grind –
6. Quitting my (almost) decade-long day job at Resource Center to go full-time creative.
7. Being #fullybooked and paid to do something that i love: drag and writing.
8. Winning the first even Miss Diva USofA prelim in Oklahoma in 2013. And winning the first National USofA Diva pageant in 2014.
9. Helping over 100 queer, POC, and marginalized persons find their voice and share their story with the world via performance art, books, speeches, and art.
10. Finding (and putting a ring on) my forever partner.
11. My first book, Faux Queens — Fauxing the Real — up for a Lambda Literary Award in LGBTQ Studies.

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You can find my first book, Faux Queens — Fauxing the Real: Biological Women, the Art of Drag, and Why the Real IS Drag on Amazon.
You can find my digital books in my online shop right here.
You can find my op-ed pieces (aka the ones that piss some people off) on Global Grind and my fun stress relief pieces on The Things (aka the fun stuff that keeps me centered).
You watch me talk about all things drag and do some fun drag-related challenges on my YouTube channel and on The Kiki Queens channel.
You can also catch me performing on stages across the globe. Keep up-to-date on my whereabouts by joining my mail-list here.
And if you want me to help you one-on-one find your voice and share your story, email me a snip bit about you + the issue you want to overcome + the story you want to tell at

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know me a little bit better. Here’s to changing the world, together!




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