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i'm a drag artist that likes to help others reach their drag (and non-drag dreams). It's really that simple. BUT if you're DYING to know more, here ya go :) - Brandi Amara Skyy is a drag artist and unconventional creative who seeks to transform traditional notions of drag and creativity through her two favorite mediums: performance and writing. She’s has been sashaying on stages since the age of four and toured with the Bob Marley Festival in the late 90’s. Most recently she can be found performing drag and teaching belly dance, make-up and drag workshops across the county to performers, dragsters, and other flawless glamseekers. On March 6, 2014 she had the utmost honor of being crowned the first EVER Miss Diva USofA. Her entrepreneurial ventures include publishing GAG MAGAZINE – the first high glam, high fashion, haute drag magazine, launching a lash line, and helping performers and other unconventional creatives build their brands + better their craft. She has been featured and published in Latino Leaders Magazine, Beyond Lipstick, The Dallas Voice,, and The Advocate. When she’s not dragging the house down, you can find her blogging away about drag, creating, and trying to do it all on her website, chasing all things rhinestone, hoarding chapstick, and/or hunched over her computer screen penning her memoir: My Life in Drag (And Not Just the Queen Kind) {but that too!} to be published once she’s done writing (and editing) them!
The Secret to success and unconventional guide to living a successful creative entrepreneur life

The Secret to Success: An unconventional guide to living a successful creative entrepreneur life

An unconventional creative entrepreneurs guide to success. In this post, i list out 3 big keys to living a successful creative life. Enjoy love bugs! Read more →

Mental health, online bullying, performance anxiety, and self-care in drag & National Coming Out Day.

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Today is National Coming Out Day.   Two big days that mean big things to me.   Yesterday, i decided to release part II of my interview with Lillith Grey for The Drag Show Podcast early because the topics we covered (online bullying, performance anxiety, and self-care) needed to be a part of the national conversation.… Read more →

New Moon in Virgo and cosmic reflections

  i’ve always been the kind of person who has to retreat into themselves, into their art for periods of time. This week has been one of those (although i feel like the entire month of August has been that way).   Reclusive. Reevaluating. Realigning. Redefining.   Something that you may not know about me is that i LOVE astrology… Read more →

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