However big your dream feels and however far away you feel from it, this book will help you get centered, get focused, and get cracking on doing the work to make your ‘impossible’ dream, possible. 

What this book is about 

You’ve got dreams. Big dreams. And this book has more than just answers, it has self-reflection and action embedded in every page. In this 73 page digital book, we go head to head with the obstacles and excuses like time, resistance, support, will, and faith (to name a few chapters) that stop us from actually doing the work that will lead us to living what we love. It’s the exact backbone of what i teach my creative coaching clients because it’s the story of how i did it. In here are the exact tools, ideas, and shifts i made to turn every no into a yes, make the impossible possible, and HOW YOU CAN TOO. This book is all my gifts and guidance at its best lasered focused on getting you where you want (and we need you) to be.  

What you will learn

  • How to break through the blocks that bind you from moving forward
  • The core concepts of all creative work and how to apply them to your life from this day forward
  • To show up for yourself, your creativity, your work so you can build and share a life and work that you love and empower others to do the same.


This is for you if 

You are struggling to get organized and clear on what you want to and how to do it. If you’re stuck — whether in fear or destructive patterns or habits. If you are looking for inspiration married with real-life action. Or if you want/need a life or creative coach and you just can’t afford one right now. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!  

By the time you finish this book, you will:

Have everything you need in your arsenal to go forth into the world and be the slay you wish to see.  


Table of Contents + Excerpt

0. Mindset

The Essays:

1. Path (You Already Know)

2. Time (Gift time to yourself)

3. DNA (Excavate yourself)

4. Resistance (You go where you need to grow)

5. Evolving (You’re allowed to change your mind)

6. Values (Selling yourself out)

7.  Art (Expressing yourself creatively)

8. Support (The universe has your back)

9. Will (Will it into existence)

10. Faith (Leap(s) of faith)

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$5.25 = One Vente Pumpkin Spice Latte. i’ll even cover the tax for ya!