The birth of my brave: Miss B, facing my fears, and sharing my/our stories

  Y’all i did something this past month that has scared the living shit out me for decades …   PUBLIC SPEAKING.   i know, i know. You’re probably saying, But Brandi, you’re a performer? And trust, you are not alone in asking/thinking that. It’s everyone — and i mean EVERYONE’S (even my parent’s) initial reaction.   My only answer… Read more →

Drag + creative + queer writer seeks apprentice aka i’m hiring!

Hello beautiful beings! i’ve got exciting news! I’M HIRING!!!     i’m at a point where i need some supportive and backend help to take my book, biz, and career to the next level. i am anything but traditional so i’m not looking for any kind of employee/employer aka authoritative relationship. Instead, i’m more interested in a mentor/mentee apprenticeship work environment… Read more →

The art of doing less: Why i’m retiring my first book Part I

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.   If you’re wondering where you might have heard this quote, it’s from the super catchy song by Semisonic called Closing Time.   That song has been on my mind a lot lately — as has who i am, what my business is and what i want it to be.   These first… Read more →

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