Melissa Cassera Biz and Creative Mentor – 6 reasons why i’m forever obsessed student

i stumbled upon Melissa Cassera when i won Miss USofA Diva in 2014 and was Googling a PR person to help with publicity. Melissa’s name and then-company and website Cassera Communications popped up on the first search page. i clicked on it, started binge reading her posts, and instantly became O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with her.   She just seemed like a really… Read more →

The biggest lesson on creativity, life, and art i’ve learned from Frida Kahlo.

As a drag artist, i’ve always felt a little different and odd because while i adore the glitz and glam of drag –the big hair, statement makeup, and over-the-top outfits, i’d rather pour myself and energy into creating statement pieces that evoke deep feelings in the audience rather than create shock value.   That’s because i drag like i live… Read more →

Top 3 biggest lessons i’ve learned from Miss Piggy – and what you can learn from them too!

  i’ve been obsessed with Miss Piggy since i was a wee piglet. But the first time i really knew in my 5-year old rhinestone heart that she had something to teach me was she put on one of the most memorable and iconic stage performances i have ever (and still in all my 33 yrs of performing) seen.  … Read more →

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