Telling perfectionism to fuck off.

  i have been dealing with perfectionism/perfectionist tendencies since … oh, well BIRTH.   And this space right here — my blog — is DEFINITELY one of the biggest spaces that perfectionism rears its insane standards head.   i’ve left my blog empty for months and months (hell, YEARS) because i couldn’t get whatever it was that wanted to be… Read more →

How to be a drag queen: 12 pieces of advice for future faux queens (aka bio queens, female drag queens) to get you started in drag!

 I want to be a drag queen. Do you have advice for getting started?    It’s THE number question i get asked in my email, messenger, and Insta DM’s from women who want to be drag queens (often called female drag queens, faux queens, divas, lady queens, and bio queens) — and the #1 question i’ve set my career sites… Read more →

New Moon in Virgo and cosmic reflections

  i’ve always been the kind of person who has to retreat into themselves, into their art for periods of time. This week has been one of those (although i feel like the entire month of August has been that way).   Reclusive. Reevaluating. Realigning. Redefining.   Something that you may not know about me is that i LOVE astrology… Read more →

Melissa Cassera Biz and Creative Mentor – 6 reasons why i’m forever obsessed student

i stumbled upon Melissa Cassera when i won Miss USofA Diva in 2014 and was Googling a PR person to help with publicity. Melissa’s name and then-company and website Cassera Communications popped up on the first search page. i clicked on it, started binge reading her posts, and instantly became O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with her.   She just seemed like a really… Read more →

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