On reading 5 different books at once (and what i’m reading in March)

  One of the things i love most in the world is reading books. A lot of them. And most of the time, reading them all at the same time. At any given moment i am reading 3 to 5 books. i know for most people (especially “focus, attention, and presence” gurus) that’s a big no-no but i really don’t… Read more →

On being vulnerable and daring greatly: What applying for a B-School scholarship taught me about me

Every year i set my intentions by picking three words that i will guide me in the direction i want my work and myself to go.   This year one of my words was vulnerability — a big bad word for any double Leo with her sun in Capricorn (or a perfectionist, or performer, or really anyone who wants the… Read more →

Creating a habit : the battle between perfectionism and simply showing up for yourself

Lately, i’ve been trying to do better about my incessant need to be perfect. My perfectionism is something that i have always found annoying and kinda interesting. Because nowhere else in my life — in my writing, in my relationships, in my art, in my ideals — am i an absolutist, i.e. someone who thinks in an absolute black or white manner. i’ve… Read more →

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