Turning the door nob fear : on writing one’s story and returning home

i’m feeling a little nervous about going back home on Thursday. Not for any particular reason — my family and i are fine, everyone is healthy, and nothing major is going on. But because i’m heading down there for five days to (re)connect to my story — as in, the story i’m trying to tell in this book i’ve been trying to write… Read more →

B! True Gayborhood Stories: the outrageous true stories of my drag & biz – Part One

Hello loves!   i’m turning 40 next month and i’ve decided to spend the rest of 2017 sharing EVERYTHING i know with YOU. Starting NOW!   If you’ve been in my Wonderland for a while, you know i’m drag artist and writer who plays by their own rules — and dares YOU to do the same! You probably also know that last year… Read more →

All new 30-day Instagram drag challenge!

In 2014, i created the first 30-day Instagram drag challenge and it was sooooo much fun! So why not bring the communal drag fun back?   In case it wasn’t obvious enough, All Hallows Eve is my favorite time of the year and drag is my favorite creative expression . . .  So, i thought LET’S COMBINE THE TWO! And ta-da! Our latest… Read more →

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