Welcome to the Skyy Latte Library — where the books are stronger (and cheaper!) than your favorite latte!!



Why? Because if you can afford a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, you have all the money you need to take steps NOW towards changing your life by investing in your dreams. 

Each book in this series has been written and designed to give you the VERY BEST of my brain, teachings, tools, and guidance in an extremely assessable way. Because i believe that transformation and changing one’s life shouldn’t break the bank — especially when the system the bank is within is not built in everyone’s favor.

And also because i want to show you that change can happen instantaneously — as in the moment YOU make a decision and take action on it. These books are priced to create an immediate breakthrough for you by cutting out the heart of the 1st and #1 excuse we as creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs tell ourselves to avoid actually taking action on our dreams: “I can’t afford it.”



We can afford what we believe we need. And i believe you need to invest in your dreams, ideas, your life, yourself more than you need that Pumpkin Spice Latte. And i’m putting my work on the line to prove it.

You can forgo the coffee for a day, trust. Starbucks will still be there. i promise.

Your dreams, goals, and visions, however, may not.

Whether you’re looking to slay your creative and/or entrepreneur dreams, start to a business, or become a drag queen these Skyy Latte ditties will provide you with everything you need to be successful — and continue that success consistently and forever-ly 😉.



Tis Right Here

Looking for my bestselling drag book, How To Be a Drag Queen: A guide & werkbook for female drag queens & other nontraditional drag artists?

It’s right here!


How To Start – A Skyy Latte Book Series

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How To Start … living and taking action on your goals and dreams!
How To Start … a conversation with yourself — and others!

Be the Slay




What this book is about

You’ve got dreams. Big dreams. And this book has more than just answers, it has self-reflection and action embedded in every page. In this 73 page digital book, we go head to head with the obstacles and excuses like time, resistance, support, will, and faith (to name a few chapters) that stop us from actually doing the work that will lead us to living what we love. It’s the exact backbone of what i teach my creative coaching clients because it’s the story of how i did it. In here are the exact tools, ideas, and shifts i made to turn every no into a yes, make the impossible possible, and HOW YOU CAN TOO. This book is all my gifts and guidance at its best lasered focused on getting you where you want (and we need you) to be.


What you will learn

  • How to break through the blocks that bind you from moving forward
  • The core concepts of all creative work and how to apply them to your life from this day forward
  • To show up for yourself, your creativity, your work so you can build and share a life and work that you love and empower others to do the same.


This is for you if 

You are struggling to get organized and clear on what you want to and how to do it. If you’re stuck — whether in fear or destructive patterns or habits. If you are looking for inspiration married with real-life action. Or if you want/need a life or creative coach and you just can’t afford one right now. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!


By the time you finish this book, you will

Have everything you need in your arsenal to go forth into the world and be the slay you wish to see.



One Vente Pumpkin Spice Latte. i’ll even cover the tax for ya! $5.25





Ask: 365 Questions to Unleash Your Boldness




What this book is about

Questions. And lots of them. That’s because the most invaluable tool you have at your disposal regardless of your gender, race, class, sexuality, and/or ability is YOUR MIND. What’s even more powerful? Asking questions — of your community, society, the media, elected officials, those in power, and, most importantly, of yourself. YOU are the core of your business, brand, and/or creativity. If you don’t know yourself, how the hell can you know (or sell) something/anything to somebody else? Questions are a direct access to your personal power. This book is filled with 356 of them to help you get to know yourself, others, and spark intriguing conversations at your next cocktail party or conference meet and greet!


What you will learn

      • Yourself — So you can harness every single drop of power in you to be the change, inspire change, and do the work + create the art you were put on this planet to do.
      • Others — How you can best serve them, who your people are, and why
      • How to ask engaging questions online and off

This is for you if

You crave deep self-reflection and self-knowledge paired with unique prompts to spark conversation, blog posts, or social media engagement.



Have a solid understanding of who you are, how you operate, your values, and belief so you show up online and in your life as authentically and fully as you can.


One Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte. i’ll even cover the tax for ya! $5.25


            GET ASK FOR $5.25         

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