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Welcome to my shop! It’s a happy, empowering and uber-creative place. i make things for creatives, artists, performers, seekers, mystics, be-rs, and do-ers. i hope you find something here that will inspire you to be the legendary being you are (and create some bad ass shit along the way!).

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The Craft of Drag: A Guide and Werkbook for Female Drag Queens, Drag Artists, and Other Lovers of the Craft of Drag.
124 pages

Do you have any advice for newbies looking to get started in drag?

I want to be a faux queen. Do you have any advice?

These are the two questions newbie dragsters always ask me. And they are also the questions that inspired me to write down and collect the best of my drag advice and turn it into this book. What is this book? It is a love note to the art of drag, a study in the craft of it, and gift to all those looking to be a part of it.

And while this book’s focus are my sisters in drag, the female drag queens & faux/bio/lady queens, The Art and Craft of Drag is really a how-to guide and werkbook for ANYONE looking to get started in the art of drag: kings, draglesque, genderfuckers and other nontraditional drag artists.

This book covers it all! From community involvement to learning and knowing your history to the fun stuff like wigs, makeup and padding to sharing the very process i use to craft the ultimate performance piece and experience for my audience, this 124-page book covers the spectrum of getting started and succeeded in the art of drag.

This book is a compilation of my best advice, tips + tricks, experiences, and stories of my 10+ years performing drag and over 20 years in the drag industry.

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ASK: 365 Questions to Unleash Your Boldness, Bravery, & Bad-Assness.
32 Pages

You want to know the most invaluable tool you have at your disposal regardless of your gender, race, class, sexuality, ability? Your mind. Your ability to think. And your ability to ask questions. Of your community, society, the media, elected officials, those in power, and, most importantly, of yourself.

Questions, and asking them of yourself profusely and unapologetically, is direct access to your personal power. And self-knowledge, awareness, and personal understanding are at the root of all change — whether you want to change your day-to-day life, your job, your attitude, your mindset, or the world. Change can only happen if you commit to fully understanding the subject of change from all angles and the first, and most important subject you need to understand is yourself.

And that’s exactly what this book is about: understanding yourself through questions so you can harness every single drop of power in you to be the change, inspire change, and do the work + create the art you were put on this planet to do.

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