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Digital Book

To help you gain clarity on what you want to do, why, and how to make it so—while having toooons of fun doing it!

Print it off. Grab your markers. And go to town!

Digital Book

This is for my fellow procrastinators, too-many-ideas-ers, and overcomplicators. If you’re struggling to get started (or finishing!), this ditty is for you!


My latest cast on intersectional alchemy, spiritual artivism, and embodied magic.

LIVE your magic—and then tell me ALL about it 🤗.

Free 2021 Card Intersectional Alchemy Reading

Whether you’re new to Intersectional Alchemy or looking for a sample reading before purchasing your own, this free magical ditty was created to give you a different lens through which to view the energy of 2021—and yourself.

For Your Intersections

A Tiny Podcast

Short magical sparks for your heart, mind, and creativity.

28 episodes diving into all aspects of a creative, spiritual, and artivist (art + activist) life, mind, & soul.

Created & recorded with the multi-dimensional & intersectional artist in mind. ✊🏾

Para la Gente (For The People)

For Your Drag

The Drag Show Podcast by Brandi Amara Skyy Season 2

Recorded in 2018, this podcast covers all sides of drag—creative, makeup, business, hosting, and activism. Chock full of advice from some of the best drag artists in the biz, this podcast is here to help you SLAY!

Please be patient while i recover the episodes from the archive. i accidentally deleted them all & recovering them from my hard drive. 

One of my most popular articles about getting started or upping the ante of your drag.

Thank you for being in my orbit 🛰.

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Be magic. Spread love. Act in solidarity.


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