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Inspiring & helping Othered artists believe in themselves and in their art is what i live for!

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Binge Box Collections!

Each Binge Box Collection is a curated binge-worthy collection of my best articles, videos, resources, & tools to help you slay your art, drag, writing, & career!

Binge Box 1: Quit your day job & go full-time artist

Thinking about making the leap from day job to full-time artist? Check out this Binge Box for articles, resources, & stories from my own journey. Click HERE to binge!

BINGE BOX 2: How 2 get started + overcome obstacles

Ready to get started being the artist you are? Check out this binge-worthy collection to help you get started making & being art! Click HERE to binge!

Binge Box 3: Drag & Binge Box 4: Writing Coming Soon!

Free Workbooks & E-books

Start Your Art 5-Min/1 Day Challenge

Are you ready to get real & consistent with your art – like write your book, start a blog, or take the stage?

This free ditty will show you how you can get started in just 5-minutes. This is my MOST requested e-book! And it’s yours FREE!

Click the picture or HERE to get & get started DOING your art now!


Wondering what exactly 
is life, creative, and/or biz coaching? In this free ditty, i not only help clear out any confusion you might have, but i give you tons of tips to help you find the right coach for YOU. 

We all need a little help along the way. And this free ditty will help make sure you know exactly which way is right FOR YOU!

Click the picture or HERE to download. 

CREATE. BE. DO. YOU! – A deluxe fun-pack


A digital workbook to help you get clear on who you are + where you want to be so you can slay your art and have fun doing it. Claim your epicness. Because legends aren’t created from carbon copies – and, you, my starlet, are fucking iconic. And this ditty will prove it! 

Click the picture or HERE to download.

Free Trainings & Challenges

Branding for Artists, Performers, & Creatives

Ready to take you, your art, and your career to the next level?

In this video training, i share 5 things that all artists should begin doing IMMEDIATELY to brand themselves and what they do from the outset. If you want to take yourself &  your art from hobbyist to careerists, these 5 things will help you get ahead of the curve.

Each video comes with its own downloadable workbook and clear action steps to take to insure you implementing what you are learning.

Check out the FREE training by clicking the button below.

Best Of Collection

Top 3 biggest lessons i’ve learned from Miss Piggy – and what you can learn from them too!

  i’ve been obsessed with Miss Piggy since i was a wee piglet. But the first time i really...

On turning 40: 40 Lessons i’ve learned from 40 years of living a radically creative (and rebel) life

Every year for the past four years, i've put together a birthday post filled with gratitude for...

How to be a drag queen: 12 pieces of advice for future faux queens (aka bio queens, female drag queens) to get you started in drag!

I want to be a drag queen. Do you have any advice? "How to be a drag queen" IS THE number question...




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