Haus Of Skyy Holiday Sale Extravaganza Ends In

All my best-selling products and services to help you slay your creative, life, & biz goals in 2019 — and beyond!

New Year. Best You.

Learn my personal step-by-step rituals and systems i use to organize, plan, and take action on my goals so you can slay 2019 without falling into overwhelm — or back into old habits and patterns!

In this all-new goal setting book and experience, you’ll not only get the EXACT yearly review and planning processes i take myself through every year, but you’ll also get actual coaching guidance from me the ENTIRE month of January to help you stay accountable and keep you on track.

This is not just a goal setting workbook but an entire 360-degree experience to help you go deeper into what needs to happen to make 2019 the biggest and baddest year ever — and how to bring out the best in you.

This is a tool for revolutionaries — those who dream bigger than what the world wants and tells them to believe is possible. If you’ve ever wondered how i’ve managed to do the impossible my whole life, this is where it starts.

Plus as a bonus, you’ll get access to mindset meditations, 4 online coaching sessions, + a whole lot more!!


Starter Sessions (1:1 Coaching)

Want to get clear on your goals & set up a plan before the new year without breaking the bank?

For the first time ever, i am making my Start Sessions available at a discounted price. Why? Because in the fucked up world we are living in now, we need it. I/We need to hear your story of overcoming adversity, bask in the light of your ideas and creativity, and celebrate in what your diversity has to offer us — all of us.  

The Start Session was designed to be the (personal) kick in the ass we all need as creatives to get started living our dreams, creating our art and offerings, getting our businesses and goals off the ground so we can create the kind of world we want to live in — one that is as colorful and diverse as we are.

There is no time like now. #letsdothis


Writing Audit

Ready to take your writing, book, or web copy to the next level?

In this unique content editing service, we are going to your uplevel your word game, voice, and writing/copy together.

Your words are powerful and whether you are trying to sell something or share your story with the world, the words you choose matter.

In our time together, i will not only help you find the most powerful words to convey your message via content editing your work but also help you get clear on what you really want to say — and help you say it in a way that’s all you boo ;).


Bundle O’Books

Steal my library and slay your new year!

Get the entire Haus of Skyy Library for one awesome holiday price!

From drag to dreams to claiming your power to getting clear on who you are via the power of asking and answering a question a day, How To Be a Drag Queen; Ask: 365 Questions to Unleash Your Boldness, Bravery, & Bad-Assness, and Be The Saly: 10 essays + worksheets to get out of your own way & create a life, biz & art that you loveare the holy trinity of you stepping into your power.

In addition to the awesome bundle price, you’ll also receive the oldie but goodie (and still a fan favorite), Create, Be, Do YOU! A Deluxe Funpack!


How to Be a Drag Queen

Want to do drag? This is your one-stop shop to getting started.

In this book, you will learn everything you need to get started in the art of drag. From picking your drag name to painting your mug, filling up your closet to designing your drag persona and getting booked to creating an unforgettable performance, How To Be A Drag Queen covers it ALL

With four full chapters of tips, tricks, advice (not just from me but some of the biggest names in the drag world!) plus actionable werksheets, this book is a solid game plan to help you be the best damn drag queen you can be!

Plus as part of the holiday sale, you’ll also get a FREE WERKBOOK with all the book’s DragWerk Werksheets in one easy to find and reference place! Go on and get your drag on!