I want to be a drag queen. Do you have any advice?


How did you get started in drag?


Can women be drag queens?

Sound familiar? 

i know it does to me. These were the exact same questions i had running through my head when i first started out in the drag world over 33years old.

i’ve done and learned a lot since then. i’ve traveled the world performing as a drag queen. Won the first-ever Miss USofA Diva (a national drag pageant for female drag queens). And help thousands of people of all genders make their dreams of becoming a drag artist come true.

This book, How to Be a Drag Queen, is exactly how broke into the drag world and built a successful career in the biz — and how i teach people in my 1:1 drag consultations to do it too.

If you’re Wondering how to be a drag queen but don’t know where (or how) to start, this book is for you.  

i wrote this book for ANYONE who has wanted to be a part of the drag world and felt like they couldn’t because they were different.

i wrote this book for you.

In How To Be A Drag Queen, you’ll learn all my tips, tricks, and secrets to getting started in drag the right way FOR YOU!

Get the book for just $9.99



What How To be a drag queen is about:


The art and craft of drag and how you (regardless of gender) can be a part of it.

From tips to getting involved in your community to finding your signature drag style to creating your drag persona and then learning how to put it all together to create a show-stopping performance piece and experience for your audience, this book covers the entire spectrum of getting started — and succeeding — in the art of drag.

It’s a compilation of my best advice, tips + tricks, experiences, and stories of my 10+ years performing drag and over 22 years in the drag industry — along with the advice of 19 of my favorite drag performers and friends like Tommie Ross, Fauxnique, Miss Fame, RuPaul, and Jenna Skyy. Plus each section ends with DragWerk so you can take what you’re learning and put it into practice.


What you will learn:

  • The foundations and the craft of drag, creating a persona, painting a drag mug, and putting together a performance — and how to make it great.
  • How to brand yourself by connecting the dots between your persona and performance so you can create an unforgettable drag experience.
  • How to build your drag arsenal — those things that will help you take your drag to the next level and get booked!

By the time you finish this book, you will:

Have a solid foundation to build the rest of your drag career on! And you’ll be ready to book your first show and slay the stage as the amazing drag artist you are!



Once the book is purchased through our secure payment site, you’ll receive a link to immediately download the book. Download the PDF. Print it out and get to work! With actionable DragWerk worksheets at the end of almost every section, you’ll be guided in your drag journey every step of the way!


Click the Buy Now button to start your drag journey for just $9.99!

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