Ready to set your goals and plan your New Year’s Slay but you’re not sure where to begin or HOW TO MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHERS?!??!


In this book, you’ll learn my personal step-by-step rituals and systems i use to organize, plan, and take action on my goals so you can slay 2019 without falling into overwhelm — or back into old habits and patterns!


Can i get an amen?!?

New Year. Best You — Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER! is more than just a goal setting or resolution book, it’s an experience and system that can change the energy of your year by helping you get clear and actionable!


In this book you’ll get my inside secrets to planning, implementing, and slaying your New Year as well as the exact same tools and exercises i use to plan my new year’s slay! 

Because we all know how it goes down …

We start the new year full fire, energy, and a killer desire to make this year THE year that changes everything. We go into the year, dreams a blazing knowing we are going to OWN 2019! And we blaze through the first few weeks like the goal slayer that we are. But then the third week hits and … WOMP WOMP. All that fire and steam is slowing burning out and we feel ourselves slipping back into old comfy habits and patterns.

And then all of sudden we find ourselves halfway through the New Year wondering where hell the 1st six months went and what happened to the badass human who was slaying all those goals at the start of the year.

i’ve been down that somber WTF happened? yellow brick road before.

In fact, so have a lot of us.


According to Forbes, only 8% of us who create New Year goals actually achieve them.



And i’m willing to bet, at some point, you’ve been part of the 92% that have let their New Year goals fade away — just like i have. 


Getting ready to teach my 1st class back in 2012. There were over 50 people in the room and me in the center of it!! EEP!


Story Time!

When i first started as a creative entrepreneur i was doing so many things and using so many tools to try to plan and goal set that i ended up with a pretty good plan but zero implementation on said plan. i was getting lost on the road because i didn’t have a clear view on where i’d been and the destination.

i made a lot of wrong turns, hit a lot of potholes, and ran out of gas many many times before discovering I was holding the keys to my dream the entire time. I was in the driver’s seat when it came to getting to my ultimate destination efficiently and effectively.

So i sat down got clear and wrote everything i needed to do, know, and be for me to get there.

That roadmap i set up for myself four years ago that actually got me where i wanted to go — quit my day job and make money doing what i love — is the same one i’ve shared (privately) with my coaching and writing clients for the last 3 years.

And it’s the same one i’m finally sharing with you now.




 “You are going to help a lot of people and those who are taking your course and buying your book are going to get a TON of value. This looks beautiful!” 



New Year. Best You is unlike any other goal planning book or system out there. Because it’s paved, created, and solidified by real-world experience — my own. And my clients. It is tried and tested exercises, questions, and action steps that have led to the kind of long-lasting change and success habits my clients and myself needed in order to take ourselves and our life to the next level.

Click on the pic to see a sneak peek at what’s inside!!

But this book comes with its own warning: It’s NOT for the superficial at heart.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy goal setting system that requires nothing else but creating yet another vision board, answering a few questions, setting your goals for the new year, and then wiping your hands clean of the results while waiting for your manifesting to shape itself, this book isn’t for you.

New Year. Best You requires that you are willing to go deep and ready to go at your dreams and the rest of your life, hard. Because nothing superficial has ever changed my life. Nothing superficial will ever change your life either.

Which begs the question, Can a goal book really change your life?


But YOU CAN if you do the work.

My hope is that your work is made a little easier with the path and map i have laid out for you in  New Year. Best You.

Let’s build our best life together.

This book and i’ll will be here to guide you every step of the way!


Get the e-book: $9.99

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