HOLA FRIENDS! i recorded a short message for you about this limited-time ofrenda. Click HERE, or the DL here: https://voca.ro/1iHmzc6ZUbkM, or scan the QR CODE to listen below.

i’m REALLY excited about the magic we can create together. i hope you are too!


What you get.

30-min of my brain, creativity, heart, and magic lasered focused on getting YOU and YOUR GOALS, DREAMS, VISIONS off the ground, out of a rut, and into the world! 


Why me?

Because i don’t just dream things up, i make the miracles happen. Over the course of my 43 years, i have done many “impossible” things.

      • Won 1st place in the Artist Roller Skating Junior Olympics
      • Became an award-winning drag artist AFTER  people told me it was impossible because i wasn’t born the “right” gender.
      • Left my 9 to 5 to go full-fledge artist WITHOUT huge savings or bank account, property, or $ making assets. 
      • Manifested tenured writing for Global Grind, BET, and multiple columns for The Dallas Voice.
      • And, most recently, i launched my lifelong dream of creating my own publishing haus, and foundation serving indie intersectional, BIPOC, Queer artists, healers. AND help save all the animals! 

Still not sure? No worries! You can find out more about me, read my official bio, and/or download my CV HERE.)


Why 30 minutes? 

Because i believe we deeply underestimate what we can get done when we are 💯 focused, aligned, and devoted to the task, project, work at hand. 

And i believe that once we STOP allowing others to dictate to us what is possible with our time, money, life, and art, we begin to experienceembody, and feel the reality that anything IS possible. 


And i want YOU to experience the transformative power of just how quickly energy can shift in just 30 (hell even 5!!) minutes!

Think about it this way…

30min a day x 365 days = 109.5 hours! 

That, my lovebugs, is MORE than enough time to build, create, be, and see your dreams through. 

The short version: Don’t believe the hype! 

You don’t need ALL the time; you need FOCUSED time. 


What we can actually get done in 30 mins?

Anything you/i/we/us set our minds to! 

My suggestion is to approach and use this 30mins as your opportunity to make a big dent, shift, change in your life, work, mindset. To do, start, create, and rocket you into action. To make that thang you’ve been dreaming about all your lifeor for the last year, month, dayhappen.

My intention is that you will use these 30minutes to really root the spark of change you’ve been wanting to make in your life or bring into this world.

💡 Here are some ideas of what we can do in our time together to get your creative juices flowing. In 30mins, we can…

      • Write your bio.
      • Create your drag persona.
      • Create a launch plan.
      • Create your next performance idea.
      • Draft a solid “About” page
      • Get started on your website…
      • Or pick my brain on how to build one.
      • Outline your…book, podcast, business, launch plan, next art project
      • Create & draft out your own galaxy (here’s mine) (i’ll even whip up a design if we have time!)
      • Draw some tarot cards. Do a 3-card reading…anything goes!
      • Peek into your birth chart and get some clarity around any obstacle or cosmic Qs you have!
      • Play in make-up! Drag, burlesque/belly, any kind of performance, or everyday wear.
      • Shoot the shit on how to change the world.
      • Connect your dots so you can begin to live your purpose.
      • Tutor you on how to use…Canva, design a virtual collage, anything goes!
      • Do a focused creative coaching session to help you get out of a creative rut, spark your creative fire.
      • Some creative, mindset, or courage coaching around making your dream happen.
      • Use my eyeballs as an extra set on your web copy, the first chapter of your book, card deck designs

Or maybe you need…

      • Advice & praxis on how to make your dreams/vision a reality.
      • To brainstorm ideas on how you can fatten your bank account 💵.
      • A non-judgmental space to ask questions + do some deep decolonization/“ism” work ✊🏾

Or just someone to witness and hold space with you exactly as you are.

 i am here and down for that too 🤗.

Basically, if you can dream it up and it’s in my wheelhouse (and it’s not illegal 🤣), you can hire me to help you do it. 

Still unsure if what you need is in my wheelhouse? Shoot me a DM or email (30min@brandiamaraskyy.com) and let me know what you’re thinking and i’ll give you a YEP! Let’s Dance! Or a Nope. No can-do. 

Let’s rock the socks off your own damn self—and shatter your own expectations of what is possible while rooting some new beliefs in what you can and cannot do in your body of possibility.

i got you boo. 

And now it’s time you got your own dream’s back too 🖤✊🏾




      • Short pre-lift off Q&A & form to collect all things needed so so we spend ALL our time focused on doing & getting your shit done.
      • Recording of our session via Zoom.
      • 3 specific next soul-steps to keep you dancing in the energy and path of your dreams.
      • How To Keep the Momentum Going Cheatsheet 
      • Ditial mix-tape dope energy soundtrack (courtesy of the magic of Spotify) for your solo adventures
      • My forever love, gratitude, and support. Because once you’re in my orbit, you’ll always have a home for your feet to land. 



How it works:

  1. Decide you want to leap into the field of possibility (and that you want me to be your tour guide). 
  2. Choose your date and buy your ticket for adventure HERE. Or by clicking the button below.
  3. Fill out your pre-boarding form (located on your Calendly scheduling link).
  4. Pack your bag (i’ll let you know everything you need—if anything) and get ready to launch into full-blown adventure mode on your chosen launch date! 

i’ll email you any additional questions or needs i have before our date! (And maybe a  few other surprises 👀 🥳!)


I need help deciding what to focus my 30mins on.

Hit me up in my DMS or email me at 30min@brandiamaraskyy.com with your questions and/or all your ideas and i’ll do my best to help you zero in on your best bet 🤗.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. The plan is as follows: ½ down ($56) to reserve your spot and the other ½ ($55) BEFORE our call date. (Please remember this is a 10 day special only which means your second payment will be due within that 10-day timeframe.

If you know you want to do the payment plan, i suggest you book NOW, on the first day. And then book your 30min on the final day of the offering (July 22). 

Daily spaces are limited because as much as i want to believe that i’m beyond space, time, and energy–my spirit is still trapped in this humxn mind & body that needs to recharge. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Do you offer refunds?

No. This is a fast-moving ofrenda. Please see my full karma-free refund policy HERE. (This also helps me weed out those folx who ARE not as serious about their Glow up as i am. #sorrynotsorry

Will you offer this again?

No. Well…maybe…honestly, i don’t know. This ofrenda was born from a spontaneous decision and desire to be proof of what is possible to myself and others. It’s part of a personal challenge and goal i set for myself.  

And now with running, curating, and publishing all that is WOKE MAGIC + my 1:1 long-term creative mentorship clients, i don’t think i’ll have time. 

Why $111?

Because it felt good. 

It felt equitable. 

It felt assessable to ALL. My 1:1 mentorship fee is $299 for 1-hour—which is $1 less than my drag booking fee of $300 for 17 minutes!!😱 And i really wanted this to be an option for EVERYONE who felt called to it. 

But most importantly, it felt like a fun energetic exchange between me & the gente that are called to do this with me.

111 is an angel number. A sign that most of us see as meaning we are heading in the right direction. 

And when you book this session, you ARE DEFINITELY heading in the right direction for you.


One final note: 

This is for folx who are serious about making and rooting change in their life. This is not for people who don’t believe that miracles and/or change that sticks can happen in an instant. 

i only want to work with folx who take their dreams, visions, art as seriously as i do. My sun is in Capricorn so that ain’t no bullshit. #🐐

i hope you’ll join me in this 10 adventure into the Wonderland of what is possible. 🐇

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