We are uber-excited to share our first coven collective creation: The Praxis of WOKE MAGIC: A 3-Month Sacred Container To Awaken, Amplify, And Manifest Your Magic.


We are calling in 25 magical folksartists, magic makers, healers, spiritual activists, artivistswho are ready to deepen their connection to their intuition, art + magic-making, and their divine, cosmic, magical selves. Folx wanting to learn, study, and grow (and have fun!) in a community of like-minded and like-praxis woke magic makers.

We are creating a 3-month virtual container to haus, hold, and manifest our highest selves, dreams, and medicine/magic. Our time together begins the day of the Fall Equinox (Sept. 22) and ends the day before Winter Solstice (Dec. 21).

We will be working with and in the energies of the 3 Red moons (♎️, ♏️,♐️ New Moons) of Fall. Each month we will join together under the dark moon to study the medicine of the new moon, discuss our intentions, and explore the area of our life the current lunation is illuminating. Every full moon we will informally come together to share what we are celebrating and releasing. 

The nepantla (space between) will be filled with continuous, brave learning, sharing, and other magical things that feel called to bloom in our time together like mini-classes, intuitive readings, and embodied writing sessions. These are potential examples of what could be seeded. We won’t know what takes root until we are in space together and feel into what our collective energy wishes to witness and experience. 

This is also a space for us, as a sacred art project and business, to learn what teachings, medicine, and support you need to continue to venture and bloom down your own spiritual, magical path. 

The Praxis of WOKE MAGIC is also a unique opportunity to fold yourself, intricately, inside the magic. As your presence and feedback will help shape future content, classes, and containers for other woke magic makers. 

As a collective, we will be crafting and creating the foundation of the WOKE MAGIC galaxy, together. And those who choose to enter this beta-portal will be seeding their magic, intentions, and energy for the 7 generations of magic medicine folx to come. 

We thank you in advance for heeding this call to help create the bones of the WOKE MAGIC galaxy.


Our experience will be anchored and guided by our new, unreleased, in-beta book, WOKE MAGIC Astro/Tarot Almanac & Grimoire Vol. 1. This book is part journal, part astrology almanac, part study guide, and part personal spellbook. (You can see the beta-beta bare-bones version of the book HERE.) This book is its own sacred container that hauses and records all the tools, alignments, and cosmic elements. 

WOKE MAGIC Astro/Tarot Almanac & Grimoire will be our collective genesis and our individual grimoire where we spell and record our own alchemization of magic. It will serve, support, and deepen your magic for years to come. 


Two words: spiritual activism. 

We come into our magical praxis from an intersectional, engaged, and embodied lens. We aren’t just looking at the placement of planets, stars, and moon in the sky, we are bringing heaven down to earth by embodying their medicine in our real, everyday sacred lives. And exploring how this personal alchemization bridges into the global collective. 

This isn’t esoteric work. 

This is the work of those who know they want to use their magic, intuition, art, and/or healing to make a difference, create impact, and root real change in their own and global world. 

This is the magic of intersections. 

This is WOKE magic. 


This sacred container will be haused & held by WOKE MAGIC founder and creator, Brandi Amara Skyy.


  • Physical copy of the unreleased, beta-version of the book, WOKE MAGIC New Moon Magic Grimoire
  • A magical goodie bag snailed mailed to your home
  • 3 interactive, collective dark moon meetings via Zoom
  • Informal Full Moon gatherings to celebrate & release
  • Library of magical resources that we build together to eventually be shared for other seekers outside our container to learn and grow.
  • A PDF reading/praxis packet of some of my favorite teachings & readings on lunar work (including our own unreleased, works-in-progress magic work).
  • Safe container via a secret Facebook group to share, explore, ask questions, and grow together in our own lunar and intersectional magic work. 
  • Dance classes! Embodied writing sessions! Classes and videos that have NOT been released publicly! 
  • Direct access to me via email & our private FB group to help guide you on your medicine path.
  • Free WOKE MAGIC Temple, The Temple: Monthly Magic membership FOR ALL 3 MONTHS IN THE PORTAL 🤯




Payment plans available. 2 auto-debited payments of $55.55.


Because this is a beta experience, we have aligned the monetary investment to reflect a flexible and informal ‘curriculum.” In reciprocity of a lower monetary investment, we are asking that all who share space also share their honest feedback about the book and experience via surveys that will be sent out throughout the 3-months. 

We are holding the vision of taking both this book and the sacred space into a full 13 moons lunar cycle beginning in Spring medicine and the New Moon in Aries, 2022. The feedback and experience we collect here will help us to continue and grow as a sacred business and ever-evolving art project. 

We thank you in advance for helping us create the most radical, magical container and galaxy we possibly can. 🙏🏽


Single payment $111.11

Payment Plan: 2 auto-debited payments of $55.55 every month. 


Below is a collection of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please email us at hola@wokemagic.com. 

Is this a recurring charge or a 1-time investment?

One time. You get the entire 3-month experience, book, and goodie bag for a $111.11 monetary exchange and your feedback. 

Why $111.11?

11:11 among practitioners is considered to be an angel number and number encompassing divine alignment. 

Here at WOKE MAGIC, we believe 11:11 to a message of support from the Universe and Great Spirit that you are on the sacred path in service to the highest good to yourself–and all involved. 

We consciously chose to mark, seed, and seep this beta journey and portal in solidarity with the medicines we wish to reap. 

What if i can't make a gathering? Will the calls be recorded?

YES! Can’t make a call? No worried 🤗

All calls will be recorded + linked & shared out in our private Facebook coven. 

I’m new to collaborating in magical spaces and working with the moon. Will this be too advanced for me?

No. Think of this container more as a study group where we learn + grow together than a space where there’s pressure to come in knowing all the things. If you are a beginning student, the wisdom of your beginner’s mind is deeply honored and welcomed here.

I’m an advanced magic student and/or astrologer. Is this space too beginner for me?

Also no. Because this is intersectional, collective magic, there will always be something new for all of us to learn. This is not stagnant, learn-read-from-a-book knowledge; this is embodied  If you are an advanced student, your wisdom is deeply welcomed here.

Where can I learn more about Brandi, the container holder?

You can read what they are all about HERE. Or get a visual of her world on Instagram


Portal closes at midnight CST Sunday, September 19th.

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