21 Tiny Rituals For Beginning Your Project, Book, Goal, Or Journey


A tiny book about big change and how BIG change is created by tiny intentional daily steps. 

i believe that one of the most important components of any project, journey, or goal that we want to accomplish is how we prepare and frame said goal. What is the energy, the intention, the soul aka reason behind our desire to do this work? And how do we turn all that intention into inspired action that fuels us to see the project to its completion?

In this book, i share with you 21 tiny daily rituals that add up to big, radical changes. Not only in how you approach your work, but how you can finish it. Full of tools, explorations, a checklist, mindset shifts, AND real-world physical shifts, this book is an offering of doing our work, chasing our dreams, planning out our goals, and making art in a different way. A way that asks us to approach our project in an embodied, 360 degree way and holds space for our whole selves as we march towards our dreams and goals.

If you’ve struggled to start and/or finish your book, personal goal, [enter the thing you’ve stopped & started so many times], this book will help you approach your project with devotion, a connected plan, and aligned forward-progressing actions. 

It’s a love note to the process of creation and an offering to help hold a sense of sacredness in our creativity, goals, and life. 

Digital download
19 pages


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