Basic Soulprint: An Intersectional Alchemy Reading


This Soulprint is perfect for those who are new to the world of Intersectional Alchemy and want a taste of what this kind of deep radical connection has to offer.  This print will show you all the soul gifts, medicines, and personal power you were born with. It’s the TOTAL COSMOLOGY of YOU.

It is my personal blend of magic that includes an alchemization of the stars, cards, elemental and animal alleys—the best of all the mystix worlds and tools to help bring you a fuller sense and knowledge of who you are so you can move forward from the center of your personal blend of power.

This is GREAT for all my DYIers out there who want to learn to do Intersectional Readings themselves! Just download your print and start reading, researching, and intuiting.


🔮 Intersectional Soulprint of astrology/tarot/earth medicine of YOU!
🔮 Printable & Downloadable PDF Zine of YOU!


Once you purchase, you will receive a PDF with the link to your Soulprint form to fill out (+ some other awesome surprise goodies!). Your Soulprint will be delivered via email 24hours after i receive your completed form.  

Questions about your reading please email

Interested in a payment plan? Email with the subject: Payment Plan for [READING YOU WANT HERE]. #nosoulleftbehind ✊🏾


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