Faux Queens Fauxing The Real Academic Master’s Thesis


This is the work and book that started it all! It is also a part of drag history. How? Because Faux Queens Fauxing The Real: Biological Women, The Art Of Drag & Why The Real IS Drag is the first academic work fully dedicated to exploring the art of female drag. This book is the culmination of years of research, real-life experience, and my deep love and respect for drag as an art formand for EVERY artist regardless of gender that has performed it. 

In this thesis, i go deep into the herstory of women in drag, offer up a new non-binary way of looking at and labeling drag, and unpack the many relationships to identity that the female drag queen brings into questions, dismantles, and challenges. As well as look at how the world of drag has responded to her. i also profile three pioneering female drag queens. 

Please also note that this work was written in 2012. It is pin dropped into a complex and every-evolving learning, dialogue, and engagement with this work. The language and verbiage used were what was available at the time. <–That language is also part of our his/her/ourstory. Even if we are currently working to dismantle. This work is a piece of dragstory and PC-ing the fuck out of it would do it (and us) a disservice.

Digital version of my 2012 Master’s Thesis
119 pages

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