Healing The Loss Of A Pet (aka Simon’s Book)

A tiny book about BIG grief. And hopefully, even bigger healing. 

Curated and written with the love, help, and stories of any and everyone who has lost a beloved fur/feathered/scaled baby. This tiny book is packed full of stories, advice, resources, and a toolkit to help you begin the healing process of losing your pet. 

The suggested donation is $5. But please give what you afford–$1, $10, $25. This book is a labor of love. All proceeds are split 50/50. 50% to the formation of WOKE MAGIC—a bodega (shop) and publishing haus centering and amplifying marginalized, indigenous, and intersectional voices in the creative + spiritual entrepreneurship & publishing industry. 50% $2.50 (or more) of each book will be allocated to the formation & funding of the SZCC Animal Sanctuary.

Ebook. PDF format. 72 pages
Download available immediately upon purchasing. 


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