New Moon In Libra Circle & Workshop


In this workshop, we explore the energy of Libra in three different ways:

Intellectually (Mind). How does Libra/Justice manifest in our life?
Somatically (Body). What does Libra/Balance feel like in the body?
Inutivitly (Soul). How does Libra alchemize itself in our soul space?

And how all the above relates to balanceas we define itin our lives. This workshop will include light movement (to get into our body), a short meditation & breath work, a dive into Libra’s tarot cards, as well as a guided soul free-write. 

This workshop includes:

  • 1-hour video circle & workshop replay of live Oct. 14th circle 
  • Downloadable ♎️ Workbook including the cycle’s astrology, monthly ♎️ new moon check-ins, a tarot spread, and so much more!
  • Resources & suggestions to help go deeper into this Libra journey

Delivery: Upon completion of the purchase, you will receive a PDF with the links to download your workbook and access the video replay. If you have any issues with your download, please email

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This is officially my FIRST new moon circle and i had an absolute BLAST! i know you will too! 🤗


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