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Ofrendas to galvanize you to create, heal, & lead ✊🏾

Intersectional Alchemy Readings 

i offer three signature Intersectional Alchemy Readings birthed from my own intersectional medicine and magic to help you get to know, attune to, and act in alignment with your whole Soul-Self.

The goal of all my readings & prints is to help you get clear, connected, and committed to living, speaking, and moving in your truth so you can rise up to meet your own power. ✊🏾

Each reading is 100% customized and ceremonial-ized to your own unique soul blueprint—what i call your Soulprint.

Each reading is designed to help you go further down the rabbit hole of YOU!

Because the more you deeply know, see, and experience yourself, the more impactful, meaningful, and expressive you will be.  


The Fundamentals

A DIY Soulprint and a DONE-FOR-YOU full reading. 

If your Soul had a fingerprint (hint: IT DOES!), THIS PRINT would be IT!


This Soulprint is perfect for those who are new to the world of Intersectional Alchemy and want a taste of what this kind of deep radical connection has to offer.  This print will show you all the soul gifts, medicines, and personal power you were born with. It’s the TOTAL COSMOLOGY of YOU.

This print is my personal blend of magic that includes an alchemization of the stars, cards, elemental and animal allies—the best of all the mystix worlds and tools to help bring you a fuller sense and knowledge of who you are so you can move forward from the center of your personal blend of power.

This is GREAT for all my DYIers out there who want to learn to do Intersectional Readings themselves! Just download your print and start reading, researching, and intuiting.

🔮 Intersectional Soulprint of astrology/tarot/earth medicine of YOU!
🔮 Printable & Downloadable PDF Zine of YOU!

This is the BOOK OF YOU. A total snapshot of the cosmology of you, done for you!


Looking to get an uber-clear picture of your soul’s blueprint AND a peek into how you can turn your soul gifts into your power—and powerful soul art?

This Soulprint AND Reading is it! Your reading will not only connect your soul gifts for you, but it will also show you how you can begin to take daily action and align your life in step to your soul’s purpose and calling.

Each reading is both the individual elements that make up your Soulprint AND the panoramic bird’s eye view of your soul-self + tools, rituals, and resources to help you integrate all the medicine into the daily life of you.

This is GREAT for those who want a DONE FOR YOU complete picture of their Soulprint AND ways to put it into action in their daily life.

INCLUDES everything in the BASIC Soulprint plus:
🔮 Individual element readings ($99 value)
🔮 Panoramic energic overview reading ($99 value)
🔮 Power card reading for your year ahead.
($99 value)
🔮 A video soul message from my alma to yours. 
🔮 Beautiful 20+Workbook of your soul to help you integrate your reading into your daily life! Includes a customized Soul Ritual, Praxis work, and mucho more! Digital and/or Physical. Your choice!

The Ultimate Emobodied Alchemy Experience.

A medicine plan for your soul.

Your divine soul plan Meets the Great Alchemy of You.


The total Intersectional Alchemy and Soulprint experience. This reading not only explores where you are but also where your soul wants to go—and GROW. Plus every element in this experience, helps you put your medicine, gifts, and action all together in a sustainable praxis that you can do every single day.

Part plática, part intuitive coaching, part limpia—all soul art—this is the very best of my medicine channeled towards your healing, alchemizing, and (r)evolution.

It is spiritual, physical, embodied, and intuitive—my personal blend of magic that includes an alchemization of the stars, cards, elemental and animal allies.

In this package, we work together to create a fully immersive experience whose ripples will be felt long after our time together ends.

This package is for the soul that is ready to make that big leap—in total faith and alignment, armed with ALL the gifts the natural and metaphysical world has to offer.

This is the ultimate Embodied Alchemy experience & the very best my medicine has to offer.

🔮 60min plática ($299 value)
🔮 Soul collage—a visual collage of your soul & infused with the medicine of your Intersectional reading. ($399)
🔮 Amethyst Totem Dressed—a visual collage made just for you & infused with the medicine of your reading. ($49 value)
🔮 1 Month of email support & mentorship—where i help you walk with your newfound soul medicine. (Priceless)

*Payment plans are available for all readings. Email me at with the subject: Payment Plan for [READING YOU WANT HERE]. #nosoulleftbehind ✊🏾

My Reading brought clarity to what lies ahead on my journey as it related to my question, but also in relation to myself. Brandi gave me all the insight, tools, and even a ritual(!) to take action and move forward. If you’re seeking clarity, I highly recommend her as a tarot reader!


Wow, Brandi nailed it!!! I was reluctant to ask for “outside” and additional help believing I should be able to figure it ALL out myself. But in my Skyy Reading, I found so much confirmation and insight about my career path and direction. I’m truly grateful for this experience.


Working with Brandi is like having a creative-spiritual advisor. I was able to align what I wanted with what I can do to truly get shit done. She is a fountain of support and sometimes that little slap in the face that you need to watch dreams manifest.

Paul Michael Armstrong

Astrologer, Death Doula

Plática Sessions*

Pláticas are soul talks. Soul speak. 🖤to🤎. They are a healing modality of mi gente. 

Get on the waitlist by clicking the button below.

If available, i email the number of open spots on to my waitlist FIRST on the 20th every month.

1:1 Soul Healing/Coaching Work

Whether you are having create, life, biz, artist, spiritual, or soul issues, these Plática sessions put your healing front in & center.  Each session is designed to get to the root of your obstacle, aliment, or block so you can name it, un-chord it, and reframe it in a holistic, all-inclusive, and intersectional way.

Each session is highly customized to tend and heal your specific needs through my own personal blend of medicine called Intersectional Alchemy (an alchemy of astrology, tarot, curanderismo aka Mexican Shamanism).  Includes a post-Plática Embodied Healing + Action Plan in PDF format.


1 1-Hour Session$299
Bundle of 3—$825

* Due to my limited availability, i can only offer 4 Plática Sessions a month. These sessions are my favorite way to connect with, heal, and align your alma. They fill up fast. i HIGHLY recommend joining the waitlist. i cannot WAIT to experience your SOUL MAGIC  ✊🏾.

What My Flient* Gente Are Saying

In the last three years of working with Brandi, I’ve not only gotten more clear on my direction as an artist but also seen my reputation as a leader and disabilities activist grow in the NYC Arts community as a direct result of our work. 

If you want someone who can get to the root of your ideas and get them down on paper in an eloquent and powerful way, hire her now.

Kayla Hamilton

K. Hamilton Productions

Before hiring Brandi as my content and copy editor, it would take me hours to finish just ONE newsletter. Knowing I had a professional set of eyes looking over my grammar and structure, freed me to just let my creativity rip. Brandi edited the content, but never changed the intention.

She also helped me become a better, clearer, and more concise writer. All skills that now show up in my other content work. 

Gary Cassera

CEO, The Dog's Side


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