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Welcome to your swag wonderland! Aka the very best of me, my writing, magic, and advice to help inspire you to believe ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!

This world is all about YOU! Here you will find:

Free workbooks + cheatsheets
Best of writing collections: my top 3, drag, writing, magic + activism
Interviews + videos

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Make 2017 Your Bitch – A Cheatsheet

A cheat sheet companion to my free ebook, Make 2017 Your Bitch. 7 short but powerful steps to making this year — and every year after — your bitch. Print it out. Post it up. Tape it to the inside of your notebook . . . whatever you need to help you remember, you slay!


Create, Be, Do – A Deluxe FunPack

A digital workbook to help you get clear on who you are + where you want to be so you can slay your life and have fun doing it. Claim your epicness. Because legends aren’t created from carbon copies – and, you, my starlet, are fucking iconic.







1. Don’t know what makes you special? Here’s a living collection of your uniqueness.

2. 46 reasons you need to do/write/create {insert your dream here} NOW!!!

3. How bad do you want it? (Aka the difference between impossible and unlikely.)


1. How to be a faux queen. 12 pieces of advice to get you started in drag.

2. The BEST cruelty-free drag make-up products !

3. Cartoon characters in drag – a visual list of my favs!


1. Your dreams are not impossible. 

2. Building a never give up ethos: A manifesto for unconventional creatives. 

3. How you do anything is how you do everything {when try becomes the art}.


1. Mercury retrograde – Tips for performers, writers, creatives & the human collective.

2. New moon in Aquarius: We the queers. 

3. New moon in Capricorn: Steel yourself and your dreams NOW.


1. Feeling blah, disheartened, disenfranchised, angry? These words are for you.

2. Anti-Trump round-up: reads, art, affirmations, & guides to help you survive inauguration day + 4 years of a Trump presidency. 

3. Now let us shift: Notes on the election + call to action from a queer woman of color.





Yes & Yes True Story: i’m A Female Drag Queen

i was super excited to take part in Sarah Von Bargen’s regular feature on! In this interview, i explain what drag is, talk a little bit about how i got started, and give you an exclusive look at the makeup products any queen shouldn’t live without!

Kiki Queens: Drag & Activism

In this video, i talk about why activism and drag go hand in hand for me. And how now more than ever, we need other artists, creatives, writers, and performers to rise and speak up — and out.

The Power of Makeup

My mug painting process from beginning to end — in record speed. Plus i talk about the magic of makeup and how a fully beat face can be uber-empowering. This is one of my favorite videos i’ve made.

YAY! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work a bit more! i’d love to get to know you too! Drop me a line anytime at Tell me what you’re working on, how you want to change the world, or any other radically cool things you’re working on!

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Brandi Amara Skyy Thank you for being in my orbit

Mad love, light, creativity, and expression!



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