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If you enjoy and benefit from my content, Skyycasts & scopes, or free Mi Gente Community in any way…

Or perhaps you had a reading or Plática session that blew you (and your heart) away…

Or maybe you just want to spread the love and elevate the work of folxs who are working to elevate underrepresented and marginalized voices…

Then i wholeheartedly invite you to tip me and support the work & movement. 🤗🤗

Your tips and contributions help me keep up with the general operating costs of hosting a website, annual fees for our off-Facebook community platform, and employ and pay other marginalized artists, creatives, and healers for their work.

It’s a win-win, sacred reciprocity situation in which we work together to empower each other. 

Thank you in advance for breaking old patriarchal business cycles and building new ones with me. ✊🏾

Tip! One-Time Donation

Quick and easy! Make a one-time donation of any amount in support and solidarity of the work.

Each donation of any amount receives a special message and shout out from moi! 🤗 YAY for SURPRISES!!💃🏽

Please note: You can donate via a Credit Card with PayPal AND! You don’t need an account to checkout/tip!! 

Click HERE to scan to tip via PayPal’s Tip Jar. 

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Recurring Monthly Donation

Looking for a way to support my work long-term? A monthly recurring donation helps support not only the livelihood of the work, but also helps sustains platforms to house the work on like Soundcloud, Zoom, WordPress, Over, Canva…just to name a few!

PLUS! Each level of recurring donation receives its own special level of cool shit & surprises!

A handwritten note snail-mailed to you with my favorite stickers and infused with mucho love!

A note + a FREE copy of my digital book, 21 Tiny Rituals to begin ANYTHING! 

All the above + one FREE tarot/oracle card reading EVERY MONTH you donate!! YAY! 💃🏽

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