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Ofrendas to galvanize you to create, heal, & lead ✊🏾


i offer three signature style readings to help you get clear, connected, and committed to living, speaking, and moving in your truth so you can rise up to meet your own power.

Each reading comes with a 15-min Plática Session and is 100% customized and ceremonial-ized to fit your unique needs and energy.

Whether you are looking for a deep dive, a quick check-in, or tune-up, i am here to help you harness your power so you can be the change you came to this Earth to be. 


Medicine for your soul.

TUNE-UP. This reading is perfect for those who are looking to align with their soul’s needs & purpose right now. If you’re feeling a bit “off,” confused, flustered, or overwhelm this reading will help you reconnect with your dharma by recentering you in your soul.

This is a GREAT reading for all my visual healers, learners, & gente out there!

🔮Video + audio copy of your reading
🔮Power card (1-card tarot pull)
🔮 20+Workbook to help you                    integrate your reading into            your daily life
🔮Soul collagea visual collage made just for you & infused with the medicine of your reading.


Dharma soulprint wisdom.

DEEP DIVE. This popular reading gives you the foundation and root of all your power—knowledge of yourself. 

i recommend this reading to all my 1st-time flients and anyone who is 💯 committed to their healing, creativity, & honoring + sharing their voice.

This astro/tarot birth chart reading is the ULTIMATE key and gateway to YOU–and your power.

🔮Natal chart reading in video & pdf format
🔮45min 1:1 Plática Session (post reading delivery)
🔮Natal tarot reading (sign based)
🔮Natal animal guides (sign based)
🔮Workbook pdf book of you! Includes rituals, medicine, & inspired action based on your reading.

BONUS: TWO months FREE in Mi Gente Collective! ($57 value!)


Cosmic alignment & action.

CHECK-IN. The ultimate tool to check in with your alignment and attunement to your life. This reading is perfect for those who want to check-in on their goals, dreams, visions and create tangible action steps to make the most of their gifts and time.

Deep soul-led answers to your current project and/or soul conundrums.

🔮Customized 4+ card spread 
🔮 20+ page ebook with pics of your spread, detailed card by card readings, and…
🔮Personalized ritual including aligned actions to guide you through the next phase
🔮Video message from me
🔮Checklist to guide you into action

BONUS: One month FREE in Mi Gente Collective! ($26 Value)


My Skyy Reading brought clarity to what lies ahead on my journey as it related to my question, but also in relation to myself. Brandi gave me all the insight, tools, and even a ritual(!) to take action and move forward. If you’re seeking clarity, I highly recommend her as a tarot reader!


Wow, Brandi nailed it!!! I was reluctant to ask for “outside” and additional help believing I should be able to figure it ALL out myself. But in my Skyy Reading, I found so much confirmation and insight about my career path and direction. I’m truly grateful for this experience.


Working with Brandi is like having a creative-spiritual advisor. I was able to align what I wanted with what I can do to truly get shit done. She is a fountain of support and sometimes that little slap in the face that you need to watch dreams manifest.

Paul Michael Armstrong

Astrologer, Death Doula

Words, Stories, & Books

i help writers, artists, healers, and activists write their soul stories so they can change the world with their words ✊🏾.

Soul Stories, Words, & Copy

From copywriting to ebooks to creation stories, i work with a handful of spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, and writers to help them write, tell, and share the stories of their soul. 

Email a brief description of your projects/needs to  brandi @ 

and i’ll be in touch!


What My Flients* Are Saying

In the last three years of working with Brandi, I’ve not only gotten more clear on my direction as an artist but also seen my reputation as a leader and disabilities activist grow in the NYC Arts community as a direct result of our work. 

If you want someone who can get to the root of your ideas and get them down on paper in an eloquent and powerful way, hire her now.

Kayla Hamilton

K. Hamilton Productions

Before hiring Brandi as my content and copy editor, it would take me hours to finish just ONE newsletter. Knowing I had a professional set of eyes looking over my grammar and structure, freed me to just let my creativity rip. Brandi edited the content, but never changed the intention.

She also helped me become a better, clearer, and more concise writer. All skills that now show up in my other content work. 

Gary Cassera

CEO, The Dog's Side

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