Ready to take your art & yourself to the next level?

As life coach for artists, i wanna help you get there!

Every artist (myself included) needs a little help to get to where they want to go. Whether you are just starting out, been at it for a few years, or are a seasoned pro, i’ve created the following services to meet you exactly where you are now so you can go where you need to grow!

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1:1 1-Hour Life Coaching Session

You + me = focused attention on you, your art, & overcoming your obstacles sans overwhelm!


  • Who needs clarity on goals/career/vision for yourself & your art
  • Is seeking performance feedback (drag, belly, burlesque) and/or drag pageant package creation help
  • Who needs an action plan for a specific art/writing/performance  project
  • Who has too many ideas and doesn’t know where or how to start
  • Needs personalized help getting started in [enter your medium here]
  • Could use some writing help (gaining clarity, getting started on your book, or figuring out what idea to write about!)

You will leave our session with more clarity, focus, and determination than ever! AND, most importantly, a solid 3-month action plan to keep your momentum & artistry going! 


  • Pre-session personalized Start Deck
  • One 1-hour phone coaching session around the subject/obstacle/block/project of your choosing.
  • MP3 recording of the call
  • 3-month DONE FOR YOU timeline and action plan to keep you on track & help you stay accountable
  • Direct email access to me for a week after our session to answer any questions you may have as you begin implementing your action plan


REady to make your next hour the most powerful & productive one yet? Here’s what to do next: 

1. Sessions are by application only and open to 4 artists a month. 

2. To get started:

Email me a brief summary of your project, problem, and/or coaching needs to subject “Power Hour Coaching” 

3. i’ll get back to you within 24-hours with any follow-up Qs, your invoice, + next steps.

Looking forward to helping you bring out and live out your BEST creative self!

*August Package Special: Taglines & Bios*

i remember when i was first starting out how it felt to want to grow and hire experts that could take myself & my art to the next level but having my bank account scream “there’s NO WAY we can afford THAT person.”

So about once or twice a year, i offer one of my services at a special limited-time rate in order to provide access to those things we as budding professional artists need, but oftentimes can’t afford because #reallife #bills.

And for ANY artist (writers, dancers, dragsters, graphic designers, astrologers, you name it, still need it!), one of the most important tools in our artist toolbox is our bios. (Yes, BIOS as in plural.)

Your bio is usually the world’s first glimpse at who you are as an artist and person.

With this service, i help you craft not just one but three perfect-for-you bios, each serving a different and unique purpose.

Tagline — used for the stage, the descriptor on your website & social media profiles.

Stage/Cocktail bio — This is a short 150 word or less bio that can be used by an MC to introduce you onstage, or can be a writer’s byline, and/or for you to introduce yourself at face-to-face networking events.

Long-form/professional bio — The mothership of all bios. THE one that will go on your website “About” page. THE one that you will send off in your media packets, paste into your Facebook ‘About’ page, and send to anyone who is interested in learning more about you and your work.

We hop on the phone, you spill all your life story to me, and i shape it into 3 awesome done-for-you & ready-to-use bios!


  • Tagline = 5 options
  • Stage bio = also social media bio. Short & sweet
  • Long bio = website, FB page, speaking, asking for the gig etc.
  • 1 draft revision (if needed) for Stage & Long bios

August SPECIAL: $175  $99* 

Book the bio package: 

Email me links to your social media profiles, websites, & work to subject “BIO PACKAGE.” i’ll look everything over to make sure we are a good fit for each other and get back to you within 24-hours with any follow-up Qs, your invoice, + next steps.

Click the email now button to get started!


*Limited to 10 artists. 

Writing Services

For the past 5 years, i’ve helped hundreds of artists, performers, & other creative folk turn their thoughts into clear and effective writing — whether that’s in a blog post, artist residency application, bios, or e-books.

i’ve even done CV & resume work too!

Whatever your writing needs are as an artist, i’m here to help make sure that the best of you shows up and is expressed on the page.

Here are the most popular writing gigs i’ve helped my clients with:

  • Artist residencies, grant, & space applications
  • Blog posts/articles
  • Bio (1) 
  • CV/Resume
  • Ghostwriting (e-books, articles, newsletters)
  • Web copy
  • Content editing
  • Artists and mission statements
  • Newsletter set-up, template creation, & copy

i’ve even helped write song lyrics and poetry!


INVESTMENT: $100+ (varies per project)

Drag University

The world’s first online school of drag!

Drag University is the answer to every all-inclusive* girl’s conundrum of ‘I want to be a drag queen; I just don’t know how or where to start.

Drag University is the world’s first (and only) virtual drag classroom designed with female-identified drag queens (and I-dream-of-being-a-drag-queen) in mind.

In Drag University, we deep dive into all areas of drag including:

  • Being accepted — both by your local drag community & your family
  • Finding & painting your signature mug
  • Becoming the BEST performer you can be!
  • Show creation — from song choice to costumes to movement we cover it all!
  • Connecting with your audience in a way that helps them  “get” what you do
  • Balancing your day job with your drag
  • And … Money — how to make it, what to or “OMG! DO I EVEN” charge?!?!, being fierce on a budget, and what you should be investing in to make those coins go further

All in the privacy of your own personal drag lab — your home.

If you’ve ever looked at a drag queen and said, “I want to do that” or wondered how YOU could channel your inner queen (and bring her to life) this royal experience is just the bling for you!

Doors to Drag University are currently closed. But don’t worry, they will be opening up VERY soon.

Enter your name and email below and you’ll be the first to know when school is back in session!

6-Months Life Coaching Intensive

Every year, i work with 1 or 2 creatives, artists, writers, creative entrepreneurs, and/or performers for 6 months to deep dive into their mindset, goals, habits, and actions to help them bring about long-lasting change. We go full immersion the first month with weekly phone calls, coaching videos, and action plans to tackle your issues head-on. The remaining 5 months include more videos, calls, action plans, and weekly accountability check-ins. Each session includes personalized feedback, a private online creative lab & hub, and unlimited access (M-F) to my brain and me.

Due to the extensive + immersive nature of this work, my 1:1 long-term client work is by application only. Click the button below to apply.

6-Months Intensives are $4999.


It’s time to share your art with the world!

Let’s do this!

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