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1:1 Project-Bases Mentorship for Creatives + Performance Entrepreneurs

1:1 Mentorship for Drag Artists

Writing Help


For Creative & Performance Entrepreneurs


i’ve been working with creatives since . . . well, i started creating and performing over 30+ years ago. In over three decades, i’ve created A LOT of things — podcasts, books, perfect-scoring talent concepts & choreography, give-up gowns + costumes galore, a magazine, and, course, me into a drag queen ;).
But it wasn’t until a few years ago after i sat and wrote down my entire creative process that i realized i could actually help people do what i do — turn their ideas into reality. And it wasn’t until i brought on a few genuine pigs (thank you oh daring and beautiful souls!) and tested out my theory that i realized (perhaps most importantly) that i was good at it.
Now, i work one-on-one with a selective group of creatives to help them break through their own resistance and inner saboteur and share their gifts with the world in a tangible and very real way. In the last four years, i’ve helped creatives start and write the book they’ve always had in them, win national drag pageant titles, create offerings for their start-up and already established businesses, and launch numerous drag + performance careers. In short, i’ve helped hundreds of creatives birth their creative ideas into the world.

And now i’m (re)opening my 1:1 Project Mentorship experience until November 30, 2018 to help you!

Who’s “you” exactly?
Well, if you’ve ever said either out loud or to yourself any of the following:

I have so many ideas I just don’t know where to start!

I stop and start so much but I never finish ANYTHING!

I want to do something. I just don’t know WHAT it is?!?! 

So much wants to come out all at once it paralyzes me so I don’t create anything. Netflix binge anyone?

It’s just so hard to take all my extravagant ideas and put them into concise actionable steps. 

If any of this sounds like you, then “you” are the YOU i’m looking for.
Whether YOU have a million and one ideas and you’re struggling with picking just one or you have one solid thing (a book, an offering, a website, drag title) you’ve always wanted to do but you can’t find the time, energy or drive to do it or perhaps you have no idea WHAT you want to create but you just know deep in your gut that you were meant to do something so much more, then this unique one-on-one mentorship experience is FOR YOU.
Wherever you are in your journey, i will be there from brainstorming and helping you choose the right idea to getting + keeping you focused to the nitty-gritty of coming up with all the actions steps you need to take to make your dream a reality to actual support, guidance, and love to get you to see your project through completion, i am there with you every. single. step. of the way! We roll through your project from start to finish from idea to reality together. 


The first thing we do is make sure we (your energy + project & my expertise + energy) are a good fit for each other. i can help a lot of people; i just can’t help all the people (even though i really, really want to;).
So we kick things off with a short Q&A and a free 30-min chat to see how we jive together. You can do both here. Easy breezy!
On the day and time of your call, we chat about all the things: your answers to the Q’s, your project (or all the ideas you have), and where you see this project fitting into your bigger vision for yourself.
Regardless if we decide to work together, you’ll leave our chat fully invigorated, refreshed, and inspired to start taking steps (baby or bold) towards your goals and dreams.

  • One-on-one guidance, hand holding, and healthy doses of tough love from start to finish (and beyond)
  • A fully fleshed out, tangible, and sharable finished product*
  • A personal 5-month project guide chock full of action steps, check-ins, and other resources to keep you and your project on the track to completion!
  • Your own private online creative sanctuary where you have direct access to me during the week
  • Confidence and belief in yourself and your idea to not only finish it but to share it with the world once it’s done
  • A cheerleader and creative friend FOR LIFE



Month 1 – One month (4 weeks) intense mentoring which includes:

  • Weekly video coaching sessions (delivered to you in our private online sanctuary) – 4 vids total
  • Weekly praxis exercises and action steps to guide your growth – 4 praxis workbooks total
  • Weekly 45-min one-on-one Skype/phone call to recap & discuss your week – 4 calls total



Months 2 – 6 (total 5 months) mentoring + guidance which includes:

  • Monthly video coaching to keep you focused and action-oriented – 5 vids total
  • Monthly 45-min one-on-one Skype/phone check-in calls – 5 calls total
  • 5-month personal praxis and action plan to keep you churning away at your goals
  • Access to me during office hours (via our online sanctuary) for questions
  • Final wrap up call with action steps to keep you moving forward in the direction you are already going!

And just to reiterate, these videos are not “canned” generic videos that go out to every and anyone. These are tailor-made just for you with all your specific struggles, obstacles, and needs in mind. Plus you’ll have access to everything for life.
You get me, my brain, my energy mano-y-mano for 182 days!


To recap you get:

  • 6-months 1:1 mentorship with me
  • 9 personal mentoring videos
  • 9 1:1 45-min check-in/recap calls
  • 4 personal praxis workbooks
  • A 5-month personalized action plan to get your project completed
  • Private online creative sanctuary
  • Access to me throughout the duration of your mentorship via office hours in our online shared space
  • Lifetime access to the materials

For $1000** 
$500 deposit to book with the other $500 due 3 days prior to our initial start date.



Click here to answer the pre-Qs and schedule our 30-min call. Or click the button below.




i can NOT wait to hear what kind of magic you want to usher into the world!

i can only take you so far. At the end of the day, YOU have to sit down and do the work. Do the work and the results are always typical ;).
** For mi gente of creative others — of color, queer, female, gender non-conforming, trans, disabled, low-income, native peoples, i.e. those who are disproportionately affected by systemic “isms” and those in power– i offer annual scholarships to this entire experience. i am also open to co-creating a shorter experience (with all my same heart + energy) on a sliding scale fee. Email me at brandi@brandiamaraskyy.com to learn more.
But most importantly: NEVER LET A MAN-MADE THING LIKE MONEY GET IN THE WAY OF SHARING YOUR VOICE & YOUR ART WITH THE WORLD. What you have to offer is more valuable than all the gold, money, and bitcoins in this world. i got you boo. All you have to do is show up in my inbox ;).


For Drag Artists



Drag University is the answer to every all-inclusive* girl’s conundrum of ‘I want to be a drag queen; I just don’t know how — or where to start.


Drag University is the world’s first (and only) virtual drag classroom designed with female-identified drag queens (and I-dream-of-being-a-drag-queen ladies) in mind. A self-study video course spread, Drag University covers topics like Persona/Character Creation, Show Creation: Going from idea to the stage, Drag Mug 101, Performance & Stage Presence.
Learn the art and craft of drag right from the comfort of your own home!



*ALL WOMEN, FEMALE-IDENTIFIED, NON-BINARY HUMANS ARE WELCOMED AND CELEBRATED HERE! Drag University’s only requirement is that you love drag and are ready to grow as a performer.


Brandi Amara Skyy Writer
When i’m not writing for myself, i love helping others find the right words for their ideas, vision, and art.
Every year, i open up a few slots for new writing clients. Every year, they fill up quickly (thank you for that).
Over the past three years, i’ve collaborated with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, start-ups, jewelry makers, choreographers, dancers, divination + metaphysicians, tarot readers, astrologers, and performers on über-diverse writing projects like:

~ bios                                                ~ manifestos & manifestas
~ books                                             ~ mission statements
~ blog posts                                     ~ performance + onstage bios
~ branding                                       ~ program and product description
~ CVs                                                 ~ resumes
~ ebooks                                          ~ taglines
~ ghostwriting: blogs+articles      ~ website copy
~ grants                                            ~ website basic design
~ guidebooks                                   ~ zines

               And word fluffling (like a content editor but waay more fun!)


Currently, i am accepting new writing clients from now until the end of the year (November 1, 2018). 

Rates range anywhere from $150 to $5,000+ depending upon the length and complexity of the project. Project rate is set after our initial chat and i get a feel and vision of the overall scope of your project. (Don’t worry, it’s usually right around the number you are thinking and vibing with ;).)
If having a word collaborator on your side sounds like a mini-miracle for you right now, take a moment to answer a few pre-questions and set up your free How-Do-We-Jive-Together chat by clicking here or hitting the button below.



Super excited to get to know you – and your work! – better ♥!


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For all things media, podcast, and magazine related, please email me directly at brandi@brandiamaraskyy.com
For drag bookings + appearances and to book your Drag Me Over session (or to learn more) email me at bookings@brandiamaraskyy.com
Curious about my client + refund policies? ‘Tis all right here!
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