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Hi again! This page is all about . . . you guessed it! Learning all the ways we can work + collaborate with each other. YAY!
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You can hire me:
to help you write your book
1:1 copy + ghost writing/coaching work
as a freelance writer
as a drag artist
If you have any questions about anything, email me at
Looking forward to sharing creative space with you!




i want to write a book, but i have no earthly idea where to begin! 
i want to write a book, but i suck at writing!
i want to write a book, but i don’t have any time!  
i honestly believe that every.single.person on the planet has a book in them and i feel that one of my callings is to help as many people as i can unleash their stories. i believe that our stories of our lived experiences, of our ‘otherness,’ of our trials, tribulations, and successes are the root our power.  And i believe that stories collected in a book format is a powerful tool of transformation and a radical agent of change. One book can change the world. And one book can change someone’s life.
But none of that is possible unless we start writing down and sharing our stories.
That’s what INSTABOOK is really about: helping you organize your stories, turning your lived experiences into written art all while helping you harness your courage to share your most profound experiences and life lessons with the world.
It’s about giving yourself and the rest of the world the gift of your story.
We do that by working together for a half-day storytelling session where you give me the guts of your stories and experiences and i turn them into the skeletal system of your book. And in 7 days the book you’ve been dreaming about writing will have been started, laid out, and delivered right to your inbox.
Sound awesome but curious as to how it all goes down? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

1. You send me an email telling me what kind of book and why you are the one to write it.

2. You fill out my fun “i Wanna Write a Book” Playbook so i can get to know you + your book better.

3. We schedule a storytelling session after you send me your completed Playbook. During the session, we talk about your stories, experiences, expertise – anything that will help us dive deeper into the core of your book. We jive about what areas of your book you need the most help with content wise.

4. While we word jam, i begin structuring the outline of your book. You provide feedback and i lay down your book’s tracks (aka format + flow) right then and thereInstant Book gratification.

5. After we hang up, i go to work writing 5-7 content pieces. What kinds of content? Personal stories, introduction, back-page, the beginning of each chapter, or whatever other magic we come up with over the course of our chat.

6. And within 7 days, your book will be sent in an editable Word or Pages format directly to your inbox!

The INSTABOOK experience includes:

:: A 2 to 4-hour storytelling jam (sometimes in person most of the times via Skype or phone).

:: A done-for-you skeletal framework of your book.

:: 5-7 done-for-you content pieces. 

:: Suggested chapters, chapter titles, resources pages.

:: Your book formatted and delivered to you within 7 days of our call (i work best when the energy of our convo is still fresh 🙂 ).

:: Personal email access to me for 30 days after you receive your book to answer any questions, offer advice, and hold you accountable so you can keep your book momentum going.

:: Recording of our storytelling session so you can go back and review your brilliance + add to your book as needed.

:: Plus transcripts of the juiciest stories and parts of our session to inspire you to continue your writing + book journey.

By the time this experience is complete, you’ll have a fully fleshed out book with a collection of stories and a solid framework to help you finish your book. 
Your investment for the INSTABOOK experience + getting your book dreams started and slayed:


Revved up and ready to get started?
Shoot me an email with INSTABOOK in the subject and answer these two questions:

  1. What kind of book are you dreaming about writing?
  2. Why do you want to share this story/idea/experience with the world?

i’ll email you back within 24 – 48 hours with your Playbook and further fun-structions.
Let the book fun begin!
Wondering if INSTABOOK is for you? Here are a few ways to tell:  

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and book dreams.
  • You have a clear idea + vision of the book you want to write.
  • You’ve started and stopped your book so many times you’ve lost count and you’re finally ready (and committed) to finishing your damn book!
  • You want it bad enough to make it happen for yourself.
  • You’re wanting to write anything but fiction — a memoir, your life story, a collection of essays, a self-help guide based on all the things you’ve learned, something metaphysical, healing and/or magical, something queer based, {insert your book dream here}.

Got questions about the INSTABOOK experience? Email me or check out this list of frequently asked questions here.

i work long-term 1:1 with a handful of select clients as a writing coach, copywriter, and ghostwriter. What kinds of stuff do we work on together? Stuff like:
– articles                                         – manifestos & manifestas
– bios                                              – performer/stage introductions
– books                                           – program and product description
– blog posts                                   – taglines
– branding                                     – thesis
– letters from the editor             – website content/copywriting
– ebooks                                        – zines
Right now my 1:1 client docket is full until fall of 2017. But if you’re interested in a committed word relationship with me, hop on my 1:1 client waiting list by entering your email below. You’ll be the first to know when a spot opens up and/or i’m ready to start taking new clients!


Work for a magazine, journal, or online blog and are interested in commissioning a freelance piece from me? AWESOME! i love freelance work! Here are a few of the most requested topics i get asked to write on:


Love the above? Have an idea for an article you want to pitch me? Email me all the deets (topic, publication, turnaround time) to and let’s make some writing magic happen!


i have been performing since i was 4 years old.
But at 16 when i snuck into my first gay club and saw my first drag queen, a new kind of performer – a queen – was born.
In August 2016, i celebrated my 10-year anniversary as a performing drag artist – and 22 years in the drag industry.
To celebrate, i published my first book!
Highlights of my decade in drag include . . . 

– Judging over 50 drag pageants
– Performing in 1000+ shows
– Judging the infamous San Francisco Faux Queen Pageant in 2013
– Opening up for Lady Gaga
– Being nominated for Dallas’ Ultimate Diva
– Being the first female drag queen to perform at a Miss Gay America city prelim.
– Winning the first ever Diva USofA prelim in 2013, Miss Oklahoma Diva USofA.
– Winning the first ever National Miss Diva USofA title in 2014.
– Being featured in the Drag Queen Guide
– Starting GAG Magazine and evolving it into GAG Media.
– Interviewing some of my creative heroes like Austin Young and Chris March.
– This site your reading now 😉 .
– But most importantly, finding both my family and my home in this Wonderland of Drag.

As the drag world’s queen of firsts, i am available for . . .

– Charity events
– Pageant judging
– Shows
– Conferences (as both a speaker and performer)
– Interviews and Podcasts
– Modeling and runway work
– Drag and performance coaching
– Dragovers
– Make-up sessions (both face-to-face and Skype)

For all drag related inquiries including rates (hint: i do not work for free except for specific charity events), email me at And tell me the date, place, and what kind of booking (see list above or make up your own!) you want to hire me for!
You can see me in action and onstage, here.
Looking forward to helping you slay your next event!
Curious about my client + refund policies? Tis all right here!
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email them to me at!