Know Thyself

Your mystical makeup.

Express Thyself

  Alchemize your art.

Ritualize Thyself

Your life as ceremony.

How do we apply esoteric knowledge to our real life?

How do we embody our magic?

How do we live our purpose?

You probably already know your sun sign. And maybe you even know your moon and rising—even your Life Path Tarot card.

Great! So what happens now?

What do we actually “do” with all this knowledge about ourselves and how do we apply it to our lives?

How can we harness what we know to help us create the greatest impact in our short amount of time on this planet?

How does my birth chart, life path cards, and elemental energies intersect with my experience in this humxn body and my deep desire to create change?


These were the exact same questions that were haunting me as i dove deeper and deeper into my mystical studies.

They are also the inquiries that gifted me my special blend of medicine and magic—Intersectional Alchemy.  

Intersectional Alchemy (IA) takes all your cosmic makeup—from astrology (East & West) to Tarot to elemental + animal allies—and offers you a reading that isn’t just about giving you more information. But a full-body experience focused on connecting, alchemizing, and embodying all the cosmic gifts, talents, & challenges you were born with.

Birthed from the intersection and overlap of my 20+ years as a student & teacher of the mystical arts; a written word & spell weaver; and a spiritual artivist, this reading is a total immersive experience.

The intention of an IA Reading is to help you get clear, connected, and committed to living, speaking, and moving in your truth so you can rise up to meet your own power. ✊🏾

Every element in this experience, helps you put your medicine, gifts, and action all together in a sustainable praxis that you can do every single day.

It will also show you how you can begin to take daily action and align your life in step to your soul’s purpose and calling.

Because the more you deeply know, see, and experience yourself, the more impactful, meaningful, and expressive you will be.

{Please note: This reading does NOT predict WHAT or WHO you will be. It’s a reading of all the tools in your toolkit you were born with that will help you live, create, model, and become who you consciously choose to be.}

The Experience 

Each reading is 100% customized and ceremonial-ized to your own unique Soulprint. Please note that the timeframes will vary. However, most IA Readings complete in under a month’s time. 

🔮 Upon receiving your partial or full payment, you’ll receive a link to schedule our first 30-min Zoom audio plática where we will get to know each other + cover all the logistics. There will also be some pre-goodness fun to fill out prior to our chat.

🔮 After our plática, i’ll spend the next week diving into your cosmic makeup, downloading your ally’s messages, and recording your cosmic makeup.

🔮 i’ll spend the next few days physically handcrafting your IA + Soulprint book and infusing it with prayers and medicine to support you. i’ll get it bound and printed and shipped to you.

🔮 While you wait for your Soulbook, i’ll send you a digital copy of your Soulprint. We can either schedule your 60-min plática while you wait or after you receive your book. Up to you 🙃.

🔮 Your 1-month virtual mentorship begins the day after we have our 60-min plática.

🔮 We’ll wrap up our time together with one final surprise 🤗.

The Elements

Everything that’s included.

Each reading is both the individual elements that make up your Soulprint (like your sun/rising/moon & life/birth Tarot cards) AND a panoramic view of your soul-self + tools, rituals, resources, and praxis work to help you integrate all of it into your daily life.

 ⭐️ Soulprint—Your cosmic fingerprint and the root foundation of Intersectional Alchemy work. It’s a collection of all your gifts, talents, qualities, and elements that you were born with. This print will show you all the soul gifts, medicines, and personal power you were born with. It’s the TOTAL COSMOLOGY of YOU. ($99)

🫀Intersectional Alchemy Reading—This is the lungs and heart of the experience. Includes an in-depth individual breakdown of each element AND how they all work together. Plus a power card reading for the next 6 months as well as an entire section of praxis work, resources, and rituals to help you embody your intersectional magic. This element is the bulk of your Soulbook. ($399 value)

📙 Physical Soulbook—Beautiful 20+Workbook of your soul to help you integrate your reading into your daily life! Includes a customized Soul Ritual, Praxis work, and mucho more! Mano made & infused with love by me!! (Priceless)

🗣 2 Plática Session—One 30-min pre-reading audio call via Zoom & 60-minute Zoom or Audio plática session. ($450 value)

🎨 Soul Collage—a visual collage of you + your Soulprint infused with the medicine of your reading. This is in digital png format and can be used as your social media profile pic, on your website, turned into stickerswhatever feels fun and calls to you. {See collage samples HERE.} ($399 value)

👯‍♀️ 1 month of email support & mentorship—one month of virtual space holding via email where i answer your emerging questions as you begin to walk with your newfound soul medicine. (Priceless)

The Investment


 Payment plans available: 2 – $500 & 4 – $250 payment plans available. Please note that an additional $25 will be charged in the first payment to cover the split fees. Please email brandi@brandiamaraskyy for the payment plan option. 

Have questions or want to know a bit more before saying yes? Schedule a free 15-minute informal info plática session! Click below to schedule. 

My Reading brought clarity to what lies ahead on my journey as it related to my question, but also in relation to myself. Brandi gave me all the insight, tools, and even a ritual(!) to take action and move forward. If you’re seeking clarity, I highly recommend her as a tarot reader!


Wow, Brandi nailed it!!! I was reluctant to ask for “outside” and additional help believing I should be able to figure it ALL out myself. But in my Skyy Reading, I found so much confirmation and insight about my career path and direction. I’m truly grateful for this experience.


Sacred Art – Creative mentorship for spiritual authors, makers, healers, & visionaries.

My 1:1 mentorship focuses on one specific area—your ART + your authentic soul expression.

In this 3 or 6-month mentorship, the focus is getting your soul art—book, tarot deck, origin story, song, podcast, WHATEVER 🤗—out into the physical world.

We work on the blocks, obstacles, mindset as well as actions/inactions that have been holding you back from making your dreams a reality. We also hold check-ins, planning pláticas; celebration for your wins; heartstorm sharing ideas, and mucho mucho more!

Whether you are just starting out with a seed of an idea or you’re stuck at the 1/2 stuck point, my mission is to help you manifest your vision in physical form.

THIS IS A WHOLE SELF MENTORSHIP meaning we do not just tackle the practical; we go and get deep. Because we cannot create work that changes our lives & others from fragments of ourselves. 

Therefore, if you’re not open to doing the deep rootwork alongside birthing your creative project, this is NOT the mentorship for you.

🚨 Please note, this is mentorship is only open to a handful of creatives each year as it requires a lot of devotion and energy. 🚨

Join me as we work together to create a fully immersive experience whose ripples will be felt long after our time together ends.

Currently booking for the 2022 year.

Working with Brandi is like having a creative-spiritual advisor. I was able to align what I wanted with what I can do to truly get shit done. She is a fountain of support and sometimes that little slap in the face that you need to watch dreams manifest.

Paul Michael Armstrong

Astrologer, Death Doula

Investment: $111

Welcome to my favorite way to embody the magic of who i am and the energy of what i want to create!


Based on our 15-min plática and answers collected in our bespoke form, i create a custom candle blend to help root your change, harness your energy and magic, and ritualized your life.

All elements in the candle–from color to casing (or none!) to the dressing (fixings) to the scent–are ALL charged and infused with energy, prayers, and magic that serve YOUR highest good, goals, & soul.

Whether you are wanting magical support calling in your coins, conjuring radical self-love or care, or claiming + rooting your magic, your bespoke candle is a couture creative infusion of all the magical elements to help your intentions manifest.

All candles are created from 100% soy wax, are mano-made, dressed, & poured with love & intersectional magic by me. 


🗣 15-min plática
🕯1 Bespoke candle creation
📖 Physical ritual & spellbook mailed with your candle
🎥 Bonus video message about your bespoke creation.


What My Flients (friend + client) Gente Are Saying

In the last three years of working with Brandi, I’ve not only gotten more clear on my direction as an artist but also seen my reputation as a leader and disabilities activist grow in the NYC Arts community as a direct result of our work. 

If you want someone who can get to the root of your ideas and get them down on paper in an eloquent and powerful way, hire her now.

Kayla Hamilton

K. Hamilton Productions

Before hiring Brandi, it would take me hours to finish just ONE newsletter. Knowing I had a professional set of eyes looking over my grammar and structure, freed me to just let my creativity rip. Brandi edited the content, but never changed the intention.

She also helped me become a better, clearer, and more concise writer. All skills that now show up in my other content work. 

Gary Cassera

CEO, The Dog's Side


Read more about me and my work HERE.

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