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Advice on Sundays (and Mondays) for freelance writers and aspiring memoirists.

Today is Sunday.   Today i had planned in my bullet journal that i was going to ‘me’ write (work on whatever personal book/project i’m currently pursuing) for 3 hours (i like to ‘me’ write first thing in the morning) and then spend the rest of the day (about 6 hours) on my freelance writing gigs — i.e. the writing that… Read more →

ASK: Business, art, creativity and politics — to blend or not to blend?

Question:   I run my own art-based business and I’m very politically conscious. Because of all that’s going on in the world — the wall, women and trans rights coming under fire, the travel ban, I’m finding it really hard not to let my personal opinions and beliefs seep into my business.   My question is, do you think there… Read more →

How bad do you want it? (Aka the difference between impossible and unlikely.)

The chance of me becoming a model? Unlikely.   The chance of me being on RuPaul’s Drag Race? Unlikely.   The chance of me becoming a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader? Unlikely.   The chance of me being photographed by my holy trinity: Austin Young, David LaChapelle, and Sequoia Emmanuelle? Unlikely.   The chance of me becoming a singer? Unlikely.   The… Read more →

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