OH! And i'm also a drag artist 😉


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People come to me when they’ve had enough and are ready to make the leap into living their best life by turning their art, writing, and creativity into a business so they can make a living doing what they love.

Even more specific, i help people like me — the queer, POC, intersectional, and other marginalized folks — step into and harness their otherness into their power — and into powerful writing, services, and art.

Because i believe that embracing our and other’s diversity is the key to unlocking our best work, creating deep + meaningful connections, and making a dent in the universe. 

If you’re ready to make your mark, write your book, and/or turn your passion into your livelihood, then i’m ready to help you color the world diverse! 

Let’s get this Lisa Frank rainbow par-tay started shall we?!?