Hello mi beautiful gente! Welcome to my virtual wonderland! This is a safe + inclusive space. All are welcomed, encouraged & celebrated here! 🖤💡✊🏾

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i’m so excited to share with you this 4 module course based on my findings, research, and experience as a lifelong artivist, academic, creative, and performer.

Delivered daily in digestible chunks over the span of 40 days, you’ll learn my signature integrated, intersectional, and inclusive approach to harnessing your privilege and/or Otherness as your power so you can do the work, create the art you came here to doand change yourself and the world while doing it.

This isn’t the same old whitewashed mindfulness, body, and soul work that you’ve read or been fed before.

This work is going to ask you to step into your power by opting out of the norm.

It’s real hard work. And it’s not for everyone.

But it is for the rest of us who are ready to step into our power and be the ones we’ve have been waiting for. 

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My latest book, How To Be A Drag Queen, is out NOW! Find out more about it and add it to your bookshelf by clicking the button below.

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In case we haven’t met yet…

i’m Brandi!

A writer, spiritual artivist (art + activist), & bruja based in Dallas, TX.

i help people who are Othered in some way heal themselves whole through art, creativity, and everyday magic.

Through my books, classes, services, and podcasts, i teach people how to bridge their many selves and harness their experiences and otherness into their power—and powerful art. 

All are welcome here!


The best way I can explain what it’s like to be around Brandi is ON FIRE. It’s as if she lights a single match and ignites the magic and potential in everyone who is lucky enough to come into her orbit. 
I’ve been honored to swirl in Brandi’s world for the last five years and her dedication & commitment to her audience and her work is unparalleled. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch her unabashedly use her own voice, as well as amplify the voices of those who identify as ‘othered’ in a truly impactful way. Brandi has a true gift of helping those who feel different from their surroundings and their society and helping them turn those differences into power. 
Melissa Cassera

Publicity Strategist | Screenwriter | Creator of Obsessed

Tiny sparks of action and inspiration + tools for change to help you occupy your life, heal your soul, & move the world forward. 

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