Well, hello there friend!

i’m Brandi a life coach for artists & queer author/writing coach based in Dallas, TX.

If you are an Othered (queer, POC, trans, dis/abled) artist*, who is struggling with how to get started making art that matters, then you are in the right place! Because i help budding artists like you, get clear about your art so you can share it with the world!

Everything i write, produce, and create is designed to help you embrace and express your inner artist but most importantly, honor your complexity and diversity as a multidimensional human.

So grab your favorite cocktail and check out my blog, my books (my new one is How To Be a Drag Queen), and learn how to get started arting hard RIGHT NOW in just 5 minutes HERE.

Wherever you go from here, go forth & be the slay you wish to see … flawlessly!

In love, light, solidarity, & art,


* i use artist as an umbrella term to encompass ALL creative mediums like writing, drag, performing, etc.

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If this site is my home, YouTube is my classroom where i share the best tools, resources, and teaching i have learned as a life coach for artists over my 30+ year of being an artist myself! Click the pic or HERE to watch the latest video!

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