Well, hello there friend!

i’m Brandi! A writer & artivist (art + activist) based in Dallas, TX.

And i’m also a drag queen!

The mission of everything i write, produce, and create is to help Othered (queer, POC, trans, dis/abled) artists*, MAKE ART! 

And this site you’re on right now, is where and how i help them do it!

So grab your favorite cocktail and check out my blog, my books (my new one is How To Be a Drag Queen), or learn how to get started arting hard RIGHT NOW in just 5 minutes HERE.

Wherever you go from here, go forth & be the slay you wish to see … flawlessly!

In love, light, solidarity, & art,


* i use “artist” as an umbrella term to encompass ALL creative mediums like writing, drag, performing, etc.

Here are some goodies to help you get started!

Tiny Podcast

Like the spark plugs for your car but for artists! Start your morning and your week with tiny bursts of inspiration to help you produce massive results in your art — and your life! The goal of One Minute Sparks is to get you arting NOW!

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