Well, hello there friend!

i’m Brandi! A writer, artivist (art + activist), & teacher based in Dallas, TX.

And i help Othered (queer, POC, trans, marginalized) artists* and creatives who want to change the world via their art get started onlineand off!

Through my books, essays, on + offline classes, and 1:1 services, i teach people how to create a consistent practice, hone their craft, and build a better business mindset so they can express the art inside them. And make a living doing it. 

Let’s get this kiki started, shall we? You can start with my blog, my books (my new one is How To Be a Drag Queen), or learn how to get started arting hard RIGHT NOW in just 5 minutes HERE.

Wherever you go from here, go forth & be the slay you wish to see … flawlessly!

In love, light, solidarity, & art,


* i use “artist” as an umbrella term to encompass ALL creative mediums like writing, drag, performing, etc.

What’s New

Arting Through This 


An hour to 1 ½ class to help us reframe the current events so we can use our quarantine and/or shelter-in-place time to build routines, habits, and creative rituals that will serve us (and our creativity) long after the current epidemic ends.


Season 2 of One Minute Sparks for Artists has launched with a brand new episode about how we all can art through a pandemic. Hit the icon above to play. Or the button below!


i created an all new list to help you navigate all the amazing freebies, advice, and articles available at your fingertips you right now. Everything on this list is there to help you art through this current epidemicand beyond!


The best way I can explain what it’s like to be around Brandi is ON FIRE. It’s as if she lights a single match and ignites the magic and potential in everyone who is lucky enough to come into her orbit. 
I’ve been honored to swirl in Brandi’s world for the last five years and her dedication & commitment to her audience and her work is unparalleled. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch her unabashedly use her own voice, as well as amplify the voices of those who identify as ‘othered’ in a truly impactful way. Brandi has a true gift of helping those who feel different from their surroundings and their society and helping them turn those differences into power. 
Melissa Cassera

Publicity Strategist | Screenwriter | Creator of Obsessed

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