Hello Beautiful People!!!

i’m Brandi and i’m a drag artist and writer who writes + creates things that either piss people off or inspires them to R I S E!
i ghostwrite for some pretty bad ass peeps, host my own podcast called The Drag Show Podcast, write for BET, authored four books (two on drag and two to help you live your dreams), write a weekly column for the Dallas Voice called Trending Tea (i like to call myself the queer & political Carrie Bradshaw), co-host 1 & 1/2 live internet radio shows (Don’t Panic w/Isreal Luna & DVTV in Spayse) every Friday, and i’m currently writing my first ‘memoir’ (even though i loathe the term) — oh and did i mention i do drag and teach?!?
It sounds like a lot but I L O V E I T ALL!
But what i love most of all is YOU. That’s because mi gente (my family) is made up of dreamers, dragsters, performers, activists, and creatives who want to change the world by being who they are and doing what they love — and make mad cash doing it!
And this is the place i help them do.it.all! Here, i share everything i learned in my 33+ year career as a performer (and now full-time creative) in my newsletter and blog, create things that serve as tools to get you where you want to go, and throw around love + good juju like it’s a handful of rhinestones and glitter!
Welcome to my wonderland. We are all mad (with passion) here!

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