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Art. Love. & Woke Magic.

i help spiritual creatives doubting their gifts go from not knowing where to start to aligning, expressing, & leading from their highest potential.


Maybe like me, you…

🔮 Believe there’s an entire universe inside you waiting to Big Bang itself out?

🔮 Want to build galaxies, not empires, with your business, art, magic, and life?

🔮 Want to create experiences—not just for yourself but for the folxs you serve (or want to serve)

🔮 Want to make manifest the bigness inside of you—to usher into the world the grandness and magnanimity of your vision.  

🔮 You just don’t want to live in the universe. You want to create them

Then you are mi gente. My people. My pack. My vibe. 

Welcome to my Universe of Art, Love, & (WOKE) Magic. You are home. 

Unpack your knapsack. Take a load off. Ready yourself to dive in. 

There’s a power inside you. 

 i can help you unleash it. 




saturn enters Aquarius


Dare to Create.

Learn the art of self-expression & lead through your creativity.



(Re)ignite your Sacred Flame. 

Learn how to turn your passion into Sacred Leadership & lead from your heart.



Netflix for witches.

Learn the art of magic from an intersectional, indigenous, & inclusive lens  & lead through your medicine.

Hola i’m Brandi!

Hola! i’m Brandi. i’m a Sacred Leader(ship) mentor, artivist, and non-fiction author. i help spiritual creatives doubting their gifts go from not knowing where to start to aligning, expressing, & leading from their highest potential.

When i’m not serving my gente, writing books, or being the change i wish to see, i can be found obsessing over all things Lisa Frank and Dallas Cowboys football. Or (if you’re lucky 😉) slaying the stage & bringing down the house as the flawless drag queen & performer that i am. *Two snaps & around the world*


Firestarter (forthcoming)

A guide for awakening the Sacred Leader within through your art, love, & woke magic.


Collect all your magic in one divine space. Your personal book of magic spells.

How To Heal The Loss Of A Pet

A tiny book about BIG loss–and bigger healing. Tools, resources, and stories to grieve & heal.

The Little Book Of Drag

Divas, drag family, drama, & deliciousness. 

How To Be A Drag Queen

A guidebook for female drag queens & emerging drag artists.

Be More Drag (Fall 2023)

Life hacks and tips from the queens and kings of the catwalk.

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Dare to create. And be proof of what is possible. Join us for support, community, & mentorshipt to help you make, create, & manifest your dream creative project, life, book, or biz. 

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The best way I can explain what it’s like to be around Brandi is ON FIRE. It’s as if she lights a single match and ignites the magic and potential in everyone who is lucky enough to come into her orbit. Brandi has a true gift of helping those who feel different from their surroundings and their society, and helping them turn those differences into power.

– Melissa Cassera

Working with Brandi is like having a creative-spiritual advisor. I was able to align what I wanted with what I can do to truly get shit done. She is a fountain of support and sometimes that little slap in the face that you need to watch dreams manifest.

– Paul M.

I love that you speak to all of your peeps. Your stuff is so encouraging + inspires me to always be fab + to get out of the comfy zone.

– Patti A.

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