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i’m Brandi 🤗

i’m an author, transformation + spiritual biz coach, and bruja. i help folxs reclaim their medicine, express their (he)art, & transform their lives via reflection, expression, and (of course) magic. 

i’m also the HWIC (Head Witch In Charge) WOKE MAGIC 👁🪄—a portal of tools, services, & products for your transformation. 

And i’m on a divine mission to build the kind of world i want to live increative, equitable, intersectional—by being proof of what is possible for the rest of us.

Choose a rabbit hole below to venture down and get comfy. 

We’ve got a lot of work to do. 

i’m ready. 

Are you?


My Latest Ofrendas

Books, bundles, & other magic.

Latest book!

The Little Book of Drag

i’m so excited to announce that my newest book will be out May 24th wherever books are sold! But if you’re looking for the book AND a bundle of magic (including an exclusive archive release) grab the book from my store!

There are two sickening options to choose from! 

Latest magic!

WOKE MAGIC  Grimoire Summer Vol.2

Your seasonal tome, journal, and ally in magic. Go deeper into dark moon, tarot, and astrology magic with our best-selling book!

Get oneor all 4!

Latest word witchery!

La Estrellas: A Storytelling Astrology Series

Every month around the last quarter moon, i release another installment of La Estrellas. In each article, i share how the medicine of each sign is mirrored & embodied in my life. Includes zodiac medicine & other intuitive prompts. 

i want to…

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Read my published articles, watch a drag show, or learn more about my work, vision, and embodied commitment to our gente ✊🏾.


i offer spiritual + creative biz coaching, 1-Day intensives on owning your magic, and tarot readings.   👯‍♂️.


i’m so so proud of this galaxy. Find out more about the bodega, press, & mission of WOKE MAGIC 👁🪄.

The best way I can explain what it’s like to be around Brandi is ON FIRE. It’s as if she lights a single match and ignites the magic and potential in everyone who is lucky enough to come into her orbit. 
I’ve been honored to swirl in Brandi’s world for the last five years and her dedication & commitment to her audience and her work is unparalleled. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch her unabashedly use her own voice, as well as amplify the voices of those who identify as ‘othered’ in a truly impactful way. Brandi has a true gift of helping those who feel different from their surroundings and their society and helping them turn those differences into power. 
Melissa Cassera

Publicity Strategist | Screenwriter | Creator of Obsessed

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