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How To Be A Drag Queen – A guidebook for female drag queens and emerging drag artists is now available for purchase! Get a signed copy, book bonuses GALORE + access to a FREE month long DRAG PARTY filled with live teaching & personalized feedback from me!

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Newbie queer, POC, or othered author looking for some help? i’ve gotcha covered!

How To Be A Drag Queen my new book is LIVE!!!

How To Be A Drag Queen my new book is LIVE!!!

OMG! My first book, How To Be A Drag Queen, is FINALLY GETTING A PUBLISHING RELEASE DATE (May 1, 2019! When i saw my first drag queen at 16, i had no idea where it would go nor all the amazing and unforgettable opportunities, experiences, friendships, and love it...

The Drag Show Podcast

Season 2 coming july 2019

Check out Season One’s BIGGEST episodes with Fauxnique & Alyssa Edwards! 

Who Am I?

Queer Author. Drag Artist. And activist/mentor/coach for my queer, POC, & Othered gente.

i write, coach, & help people like me (queer, POC, intersectional, and other marginalized folks) harness their otherness into their power AND into powerful writing, performance, and art.

i believe that by sharing our stories and making art out of our experiences we can color the world diverse together. 

i am here to help guide and show you how. 


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