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Welcome to my Wonderland of Intersectional Magic, Radical Personal Alchemy, and Spiritual Artivism (art + activism). 

Hola! i’m Brandi 🤗

i’m an intersectional medicine mystix and spiritual artivist.
This website is a collection of soul medicines, writings, & resources to help you uncover your soul-self + the roots of your power, art, and agency so you heal yourself whole and be proof of what is possible. 🖤💡✊🏾

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In case we haven’t met yet…

i’m Brandi!

A healer, mentor, and guide for woke, awakening, and rising folxs who are ready to make (r)evolutionary change in the world by living, creating, and sharing from the center of their full, authentic selves

Through my signature Skyy readings, podcast, and online classes, my work reminds you that you hold all the power while guiding you to the tools and work needed to help you unlock, reclaim, and praxis your power in real-life, monetary sustaining ways. 

All are welcome here!

Free Resources, Tools, Medicines

My latest free offerings to help you (re)connect to your soul & step into your power.

Jupiter In Aquarius— The Star Wars Astrology Edition

Jupiter In Aquarius— The Star Wars Astrology Edition

Jupiter in Aquarius—The Star Wars Edition Go big or go home. That’s what Jupiter in Aquarius ♒️ is going to ask us to do over the next year. How we heed the call is up to us, but Saturn sitting with Jupiter will ensure we heed it. Jupiter, like LOA (Law Of...

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The Plática Sessions – New Moon In Scorpio 2020

The Plática Sessions – New Moon In Scorpio 2020

New Moon in Scorpio Blessings (& a Challenge) Last year under this new 🌚, i took a social media sabbatical. i committed to 29 days; it lasted just shy of a year. In that year, under Scorpio’s guidance, i got deep. i got real—with myself, my life, my soul. The work...

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The best way I can explain what it’s like to be around Brandi is ON FIRE. It’s as if she lights a single match and ignites the magic and potential in everyone who is lucky enough to come into her orbit. 
I’ve been honored to swirl in Brandi’s world for the last five years and her dedication & commitment to her audience and her work is unparalleled. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch her unabashedly use her own voice, as well as amplify the voices of those who identify as ‘othered’ in a truly impactful way. Brandi has a true gift of helping those who feel different from their surroundings and their society and helping them turn those differences into power. 
Melissa Cassera

Publicity Strategist | Screenwriter | Creator of Obsessed

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