OH! And i'm also a drag artist 😉


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i’m here because we have a serious problem in creative and online work. We the queer, the hyper-femme, POC, indigenous, impaired, lower class, and OUR VOICES are missing from every mainstream narrative out there.

And i want to change that by helping you turn your dreams into a megaphone for change — and an outlet for profit.

i’m Brandi and i’m a writer and coach for intersectional creative entrepreneurs, online business owners, and queer/POC writers who are just starting out in their journey but already know one thing: they want to change the world by being who they are and doing what they love.

i’m the creator and host of The Drag Show Podcast and author of 3 best-selling books and the forthcoming #WeAreDrag book!

If you’re new here, this is The world’s best introduction to me and my work and my blog is THE best place to see, feel, and experience how i vibe here, online, and in the flesh!

Wherever you go from here, live the change you wish to see.