1 On 1 Book Coaching with Brandi Amara Skyy

VIP Day, DIY, & Done-For-You Book Packages

Take your book from idea to DONE!

VIP Book In A Day

We come together for a full day of clarity, outlining, planning, strategy, & writing magick!

Best for: Folxs stuck or just starting their books looking for inspiration, guidance, & strategy for lasting momentum.

DIY 6- Month Book Coaching

Take your book from idea to draft to done! i coach, teach, & share all i know, you put it into praxis to get your book done!

Best for: Folxs who desire more guidance on the book writing & publishing path but prefer to do the work themselves.

Done-For-You 1 Year Book Coaching & Services

Your book, done & dustedwith all the ‘hard parts’ done by me & my team so you can just focus on what you do bestwriting.

Best for: Folxs who just want to write a fabulous book and leave the rest to professionals (that’s us!)

Helping You Live Your Wild Book Dreams With Coaching

Ready to move people into action by sharing your expertise in a book, but unsure how?

i’ve got you!

Whether you’re unsure about the process, which book to write, what to put in it, how to pitch to agents, write a proposal…or you’re just starting out and thinking “WTF is all this she’s talking about ?!??!”

i’ve got you with over two decades of writing, publishing, and journalism experience.

i’ve got you with my experience of both independent and traditional publishing.

And i’ve got you’re spirit and heart as you venture to write a book that makes an impact.

What Is Book Coaching?


i help you clarify your writing, book, and publishing goals and customize a strategic plan for your writing journey and book launch.


i provide feedback on your writing style, tone, and voice, to help you improve your sentence structure and storytelling techniques.


i provide basic editing, proofreading, and constructive feedback on drafts to help revise and refine your work to make it the most magical, transformational, and marketable book it can be. 


And other energies that money alone can’t buy. Like time management, emotional support and encouragement, pep talks (and tapping + other tools) to help you overcome self-doubt and writer’s blockall while keeping you writing and meeting your deadlines. 

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

i’m a firm believer in “you already know.” Chances are if you’re on this page, you are aware of the transformation a book coach can offer you.

The list to the right is here to support and/or solidify what you already know. 🙏🏽

You're stuck. Feeling stuck. Or in a state of inertia.

If you’re feeling stuck, experiencing writer’s block, or unsure how to proceed with your project, a book coach can provide strategies and solutionsalong with tools for your toolboxto help you regain your momentum. 

i support all my authors with both practical and spiritual tools to help them get (and stay) unstuck!

You have zero book writing experience—or lack the confidence in what you DO know.

Take a moment to reflect on your writing experience and skills. If you’re a novice or lack confidence in your writing abilities or your ability to actually finish your book, a book coach can offer guidance, feedback, encouragement, and lend their writing expertise to your project. 

All my book coaching packages come with books and tools to help harnessand maintainyour courage throughout the entire book process. From start to finish to published to marketing. i’ve got your back!

You are ready—and have the budget—to invest

First and foremost, consider your financial resources. Hiring a book coach is an investment in your writing and your Wild Dream of publishing a book, so determine if your dream fits within your budget.

My goal is to always be able to meet Wild Dream Book Writers where they are financially. This is why i offer 3 different book coaching packages. 

You've started & stopped your book so many times . . .

. . .that, if had finished your book all those years ago, you would now have a bookshelf of books out right now instead of none! A book coach can help you go the distance, manage your time, and keep you motivated to finish the damn thing!

i’ve finished and published over 11 books and i will share with you EVERYTHING i know!

You are tired of playing small & watching other folxs live their dreams.

And you’re beyond ready to start living your own. A book coach can help you get out of your head and onto the page and help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be #publishedauthor.

You got this. i believe you. And i’m ready to help you LIVE your Wild Book Dreams!

My Approach

My approach to book coaching is

      • Spiritual
      • Intersectional
      • Collaborative
      • Practical and
      • Magical

It is unique because we look at your book holistically while taking everythingyour desires, what the book itself wants to be, its energy, impact, and contentsinto account as you outline, sketch out, write, edit, and publish your book.

We work in the collaborative intersection of my expertise + book experience, your Wild Dream book desire, and Spirit’s will for both your book and your legacy.

This ain’t your typical book coaching program, and i am not your average book coach. 👀

i am forand my approach isfor folxs who won’t settle for a book anything less than extraordinary, magickal, and impactful.

If that sounds and feels like you, apply now to set up your free 1:1 call via the button below & let’s see what we can conjure up together 🧙🏽‍♀️.

How It Works

Apply & Schedule a Free 1:1

i don’t work with everyoneand neither should you. So your first step is to submit your application to work with me here.

If i feel like we’ll be a good fit, i’ll reach out via email with a link to book your 1:1 call to learn more about the service, ask questions, & make sure i’m the right coach for you and your book.

This is a no-pressure 1:1 call where you are always in your agency & choice.

By the end of our session, we’ll know we’re a go 🤗.

Choose a Coaching Plan

i offer 3 very different book coaching experiences: VIP Day, 6-Month Program, & a 12-month Program. All are rich, deep, and designed to get your book & writing juices flowing!

During our free 1:1 Book Plática, i can make package suggestions based on your book needs or you tell me what you want. Whichever package you choose, you’ll be light-years ahead of your book dreams!

You decide. Invoice is sent and paid. i set you up in our virtual home. And we begin ASAP.

Reach Your Book Goals

We first come up with a bespoke plan on how to best use our time together to get your book done.

We spend your chosen amount of time fine-tuning, outlining, and writing your book; meeting your obstacles and blocks head-on; while i give you all the mental, physical, editorial, energetic, and spiritual support i can.

You + me + book = done! And we celebrate your Wild Dream achievement!

Virtual VIP Book Day

You receive a pre-day packet full of questions, resources, & homework so we can make the most out of our day. We spend a total of 6 focused hours on your book mapping out, troubleshooting, editing, writingor whatever you book needs.


More Details

Specifically in this package, you get:

  • Packet of prework to help me get a feel for your + book needs, what you want to focus on, & anything else i need to know so we can make the BEST use of our time together.
  • 6 hours (broken up into time slots, exercises, work that your prework determines) of my experience & undivided attention on you + book.
  • Custom plan from me with steps on how to keep the momentum going.


  • 1 Month free access to the Wild Dream Journal Club.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid in full or split into 2 payments of $306 each. Balance must be paid off prior to scheduling your VIP day. 

6 Month DYI Book Coaching

In this package, you get 1 VIP day, a total of three 60-min 1:1s, weekly Voxer coaching and 3 months of guidance and maintenance. You’ll also receive 6 months access to Wild Dreams Book Vault where you’ll find my proposals, processes, and outlines + templates, resources, and even more coaching to help you navigate the book writing waters.


More Details

Specifically in this package, you get:

Months 1 – 3: Intensive

  • 30-min Welcome & Celebration Zoom party (1st week)
  • 1 6-hour VIP Day as described above (month 1)
  • Customized book action plan (month 1)
  • 3 60-min 1:1 Book Coaching Zoom sessions (1x a month)
  • Monday email accountability check-ins (12 in total)
  • Monday – Friday Voxer availability and/or coaching from 11am – 5pm CST.
  • Monthly (total of 3) manuscript and/or proposal submissions for feedback.

Months 4 – 6: Guidance + Maintence

  • Access to the Wild Dream Book Vault (month 4)
  • Monday email accountability check-ins (12 in total)
  • Weekly Wednesday Voxer coaching from 11am – 5pm CST.
  • One final manuscript submission for feedback (beginning of month 6)
  • Wrap kit including: a custom plan to continue the momentum, a summary of feedback and next steps, & other bits + bobs of magic.
  • 30-min Wrap up & Celebration Zoom parth (final week of month 6)

Please note that the first 3 months of this program is customizable and will be adjusted to fit your needs, goals, and desires. The last 3 months will be as is. This is the DIY aspect of this program.

6-month payment plans are available. A non-refundable deposit of $1500 is required at the time of booking.

12 Month Done For You Coaching Package

In this package, we take your book from idea to dusted and DONE! You get seasonal VIP days (total of 4), a year of Zoom (and in person!) book coaching (total of 12), and access to the Wild Dreams Book Vault. PLUS i write everything but your book for youyour book or agent proposal, the back copy, your author bio, website copy that pertains to your book. If you go the self-publishing route, i design, format, and upload your book for you so all you have to do is focus on writing the BEST BOOK YOU CAN.


More Details

Specifically in this package, you get:

  • 1 60-min Welcome party via Zoom!
  • 4 VIP Days (1 per season)
  • A Year of 1:1 book coaching Zoom calls (12 total) with the option to do one face-to-face
  • Monday – Friday Voxer availability and coaching from 11am – 5pm CST for the entire year.
  • Monday accountability emails (52 total)
  • Immediate access to the Wild Dreams Book Vault
  • 6 total manuscript submissions for feedback

Plus DONE-FOR-YOU by ME Services like:

  • Writing, researching, & submitting your book or agent proposal
  • Website copy for your book + your author page
  • Back cover copy
  • Book cover design, formatting, editing, submitting your manuscript
  • Book marketing plan
  • Course creation plan based on your book
  • The option to build your book together in our monthly coaching sessions.


  • Snail mail gift basket of book magick
  • Designed Waitlist opt-in for your book

This package is customizable to fit your needs, goals, and Wild Dreams. 

Monthly payment plans available. A non-refundable deposit of $3000 is due upon booking. Enrollment based on availability.

As of July 2024, i have room for TWO more 12-month Done For You Coaching Packages. 12-month payment plans are available. 

Please note: i offer payment plans for all Book Coaching packages.

If you’re BIPOC and/or LGBTIA+, i offer a 20% discount on ALL my Book Coaching Services. Please let me know if you are mi gente in our call so i can adjust the investment accordingly.

i offer an annual scholarship for mi genteBIPOC, Queer, & other marginalized folxfor a VIP day. To be notified when the scholarship opens, please get on the waitlist here.

i also offer a scholarship fund that my more financially privileged folxs can contribute to so i can open even more scholarship slots for mi gente. To learn more and/or donate, please email me directly at brandi @ brandiamaraskyy.com with subject line: Scholarship Fund.

i also offer one-off book and writing coaching sessions for $333. This is perfect for folxs who want to work with me before committing to another program. Or those who need more sporadic book and or writing support. Discounts are available for packages of 3, 6, and/or 9 sessions. Email me at brandi@wokemagic.com to get started. 

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