Praxis Portal – 3-Month Mentorship 

 Word Witch

Learn, hone, & execute the power & magick of writing.

Become the writer you were meant to be. We begin Sept. 23, 2023. Join us. 👇🏽


The Word Witch Writing Mentorship is focused on actually writing—not learning more about writing.

It’s also focused on writing and magicking in community.

Getting real-time feedback on your work, ideas, and writings from the collective—and me.

AND . . . experiencing the magnificence of having and seeing your work published. 

Doors “officially” open Sept. 1st and we begin with a live Autumn Equinox celebration on Saturday, Sept. 23rd.

But if you join the waitlist below you’ll get access to an even more incredible early bird beta rate + an exclusive bonus (hint: it maaay have something to do with 1:1 time with me 👀🤫)!

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3 Month Sacred Container

An online, off Facebook private community, learning hub, & feedback portal to support your writing needs, get your questions answered, & learn supportive magic!

Woke Magic Autumn Grimoire

Magic is a cornerstone of Word Witchery and the WM Grimoire is the cornerstone to Intersectional Alchemy—my special brew of magic i teach & you will be introduced to in this experience.

3 Q&A & Feedback Sessions

Share your work-in-progress with other members and give + get feedback. Plus you’ll also have the opportunity to get feedback from me!

Word Witch Course

3 Part course covering: The Power of Words; The Power of Craft; The Power of Word Witchery. Each section includes stories, history, and lineage of each topic as well as steps to invoke them and praxis work to help you embody what you’ve learned. 

Publishing opportunity 

Opportunity to have your work(s) published in our Winter Solstice Word Witch Zine. Both digital and hard copies will be available and will be designed by moi! YAY!

Weekly co-writing Sessions

We’ll meet every Wednesday (Mercury’s day!) at 10am CST to work and write together via Zoom for a total of 13 sessions! Imagine how much you can accomplish in THIRTEEN FOCUSED HOURS!


Your Dreams Are not impossible

You’ll get lifetime access to my best-selling 10-module Life Magick course designed to help you get your mindset right before, during, and after our time together. Check out the course here

Early Bird Group Coaching session

Exclusive access to a 1 hr group mentorship session on the Wednesday BEFORE we kick off designed to help you get clear on your best path to success in our 3 months together. 

Ultimate Writer’s Planner 

Put everything you learned in the Your Dreams Are Not Impossible course & the personal success path created in the bonus coaching into a plan with this all  new yet-to-released planner!

Regardless if you want to write a spiritual, witchy, or soul book, we all—as creatives, writers, and soul entrepreneurs—need and want more of our authentic selves and soul in our writing.

We want to see our personality, spirit, and spunk reflected on the page.

We want to create an unforgettable immersive and magical experience for our gente—whether that’s through our products or services, a book, our copy, or even an email we send to our best friend or flient.

Regardless of what we want to do with our words, our words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories are the heartbeat of our work. 

And this is an inclusive experience of all kinds of writers who want to learn how to bring the spiritual, magical, and mystical into their work.  

There is nothing on the internet like it.

Join the waitlist below to begin.


is 3-month Sacred container forged to honor your creativity, channel your spirit, and hone your magic so you can manifest your dreams. Now in its 3rd year previous PP themes have been – Woke Magic Grimoire and Wild Wolf Witch. 

About Your Guide

Hola mi gente! i’m Brandi and i’m an award-winning author of 7 books (and counting!). My work has been published on BETCurve Magazine, & The Dallas Voice (to name a few 😉) and i’ve been both a student of writing and magic since i was 11! i’m uber-excited + grateful to be your guide on this journey! Click below to learn more about me and begin living YOUR writing dreams!