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Advice on Sundays (and Mondays) for freelance writers and aspiring memoirists.

Today is Sunday.   Today i had planned in my bullet journal that i was going to ‘me’ write (work on whatever personal book/project i’m currently pursuing) for 3 hours (i like to ‘me’ write first thing in the morning) and then spend the rest of the day (about 6 hours) on my freelance writing gigs — i.e. the writing that… Read more →

On writing: practice makes progress not perfection

Writing a book is hard.   Like really really hard.   i came back from Vegas on Friday night and was extremely disappointed to find that the book had not written itself – still the same number of pages (61) and the chaos of jumbled essays.   Last night i tried to write, got a few good things down, then got frustrated at… Read more →

One (blank) Sunday: A play along productive series to get YOU (and me) CREATING! – 000

One of my many writing goals for 2015 is to write a book about my journey in the world of drag including my experiences as the first ever Miss Diva USofA. Writing a book is one hell of a lofty goal but then throw into the mix everything else i want to create and it becomes really fucking overwhelming.  … Read more →

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