July 17, 2023

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Ep.19 – Spirit Writing: A Praxis For Spiritual Writing

💫 SPELLCAST: May this episode inspire and permission all who wish to begin their spiritual writing adventure to write with spirit and write their soul book. May their words be prolific. 🙏🏽

Spiritual Writing – Spirit Writing Bonus Content 👇🏽

Feeling like you’re putting everyone else before yourself?

Want to avoid involuntary giving your power away?

Then this episode on what i termed Spirit Writing is just the medicine for you! Let’s get to reclaiming your power, shall we?

There are so many ways that we give our power away throughout the day:

        • Partners, kids that need us and interrupt our regularly scheduled flow
        • Our phones…” oh, i’ll just check this one text…” 5 hours later you’ve gone down a black hole of the latest socio-political happenings or pop culture
        • To other people’s work… and not your own

Because it happens so often, we can feel like we need to do or make some kind of BIG BOLD statement or boundary—and yes, while boundaries are nice, this isn’t about adding to your to-do list. This is about making space and time for yourself. 

And that’s exactly what Spirit Writing can help us do—carve space, call in our sacred witness, and change the pace and flow back onto ourselves. 

What is Spirit Writing?

Communing, channeling, and writing with your soul and in communion with the divine. 

Sometimes called: Automatic Writing Free writing

But there are small nuanced differences and vast energetic differences that i’ll get into in both the book and course that i’m teaching in the Fall Praxis portal called Spirit Writing: Spiritual Writing, Word Witch, & Soul Scribes. You can get on the waitlist HERE

But for the sake of this podcast, the only thing you need to know is Spirit Writing is asking your soul and the divine to be present in this specific amount of time while you’re writing. 

How to practice Spirit Writing

* Have a pen & paper notebook handy

    1. Close your eyes. Drop into your heart space & ask your spirit & Great Spirit to be present.

    2. Invite your Sacred Witness to the table and hold whatever question or issue you are having in your mind as you lightly meditate and let your mind swirl.

    3. When you feel a ping, shimmer, open your eyes, and begin writing. Let it flow. Write until you feel complete. Trust yourself.

    This is a praxis and lesson in intuition, self-trust, creating a relationship—not competition—with your mind, & deepening into the internal rivers of your magic.  

    How Spirit Writing helps you reclaim your power

    1. You turn to yourself and your relationships with spirit & yourself for answers vs. going looking outside yourself.

    2. Gives you space and time to yourself.

    3. Reclaim authority, get to know your voice.

    Now get to praxising!!

    Got questions? Hit me up in the comments—either below in the podcast video!

    Love you mucho mas and i’ll see you next week! 💃🏽

    in lak’ech,



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    Recap & Takeaways

    🔮 You can reclaim your power by connecting your writing—from journaling to books, essays, and articles—with spirit

    🔮 Use the step-by-step method i share in the podcast to start your own spiritual writing adventure!


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