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The art of doing less: Why i’m retiring my first book Part I

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.   If you’re wondering where you might have heard this quote, it’s from the super catchy song by Semisonic called Closing Time.   That song has been on my mind a lot lately — as has who i am, what my business is and what i want it to be.   These first… Read more →

On reading 5 different books at once (and what i’m reading in March)

  One of the things i love most in the world is reading books. A lot of them. And most of the time, reading them all at the same time. At any given moment i am reading 3 to 5 books. i know for most people (especially “focus, attention, and presence” gurus) that’s a big no-no but i really don’t… Read more →

Turning the door nob fear : on writing one’s story and returning home

i’m feeling a little nervous about going back home on Thursday. Not for any particular reason — my family and i are fine, everyone is healthy, and nothing major is going on. But because i’m heading down there for five days to (re)connect to my story — as in, the story i’m trying to tell in this book i’ve been trying to write… Read more →

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