Brandi Amara Skyy and Wife Voting Ep. 25 What Haunts You One Minute Sparks For Artivists Podcast

What Haunts You?

What haunts me, what has been/has always been haunting me is the question, “Do you speak Spanish?”

Perhaps not so much the question itself as my answer. NO. 

No. i do not speak Spanish. For reasons that i am unpacking and currently healing from. Reasons that i will share publicly once the healing is “done” (and by “done” i mean the point in which it no longer stings.)

My desire to change that answer has been a long time in the making. i’ve publicly declared this before, but the desire never hit me big enough to really commit to it. i’ve dabbled, but never really gone full out in the goal.

Until now.

In this episode, i share with you how what haunts me came full circle and knocked the wind out of me as i came out of the voting booth.

i also share a few tips about how to find that one thing that has the potential to really release and unlock all that you desire to do, be, and create.

i hope this story balms you in a way that leads you to the bridging of all your stories, all your sides, all yourselves into that one YES, that one thing that you will never say NO to again.

Mucho mas 🖤💡✊🏾

Clip Of Me Talking To Univision. 

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